Hackintosh on V discussion


I’m just wondering. i know most likely not feasible but please entertain my question.

I noticed @henning installed Mac OS on the V. There are some things like Wifi, camera etc don’t work with Mac OS as it does not support it.

Would it be easy for Eve to swap the parts that are Mac OS friendly or is it software side issue?

If it is possible, i know for a fact the apple customers would jump on V like crazy as apple does not believe Macbooks should have a touchscreen. Ipad Pro is a joke for actual productive work to be done. Apple has a gap in their apple-eco-system i think if possible, Eve can take advantage.

Just a day dream question, so no flame. the biggest issue is probably the update of Mac OS and glitches which make this silly to consider.

EDIT: Decided to rename this thread, lets keep the hackintosh talk in this thread.


For the time being, the hardware going into the V is finalized. It may be something that could be considered in future product updates. At the same time, it’s not something that can be officially supported, as Apple would swoop down on Eve with righteous fury if the V was promoted in any way, shape or form as a MacOS compatible device…


Oh no, im not asking for Eve to change V now. Im just curious if its possible. Eve would not need to advertise. If Tonymac got wind that V was compatible, that would be pretty huge in itself.


Long story short: Officially we won’t be supporting MacOS as, we’re not using official Apple-certified hardware.

As @Helios mentioned the hardware has been locked in now as well so at least for the moment we’ll not switch out anything. We just hope for the Hackintosh users that Apple starts using the Intel WiFi/someone ports the Linux drivers for it. :wink:


While it’s not the same perhaps someone will try using a modern VM


Here you go…MacOS Sieara on V

Check @henning post …



For WiFi you will need usb dongle for mac os, for sure. There’s no way to run Intel WiFi card on Mac OS for couple of years now. And, I assume it wouldn’t happen in nearest future as well.


When you can’t install Mac OS on a non certified device you can use Unibeast:

This one is made for Intel based platforms.

And here is the newest version: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/unibeast-7-1-1-update.218164/

For wifi drivers some dev from the community maybe port the linux driver to OS X. There are some Alpha drivers out on github.


what?!?!?! thanks buddy, im new to hackintosh.


Yes. Unibeast is one way to go to install Mac OS, but don’t you CAN’T make intel WIFi to work anyway.


What about in virtualbox would it not allow for all drivers?


The V is my first non Mac device and I really would like to option to be able to run Mac OS on it for my day to day work. I’ve been looking at VMWare Workstation or Virtual Box, didn’t know about Unibeast, definitely gonna try it out once the V arrives.


More or less in the same boat. I remain positive though. So far indications seem to be towards being able to boot and run the os natively, so a virtualized solution might not be that necessary after all. We will of course be able to figure out all that, as soon as we receive our units.


Guys, I really don’t understand you. You bought a tablet and now are trying to run an OS without touch support on it. Seriously? Please just save your money and get a laptop for it…


Who said touch didn’t work?


Nope, also Unibeast can’t accomplish the Intel Wireless challenge!

Unibeast is no miracle it’s only a tool for creating a bootable stick with some tools and drivers.

I personally don’t recommend Unibeast as well as Multibeast.

But guys, as mentioned before I will provide you a guide with all necessary files :slight_smile:


The OS doesn’t have a touch-compatible shell. I mean, touch works on Windows XP too (remember Tablet edition?) but nobody uses it on tablets. Because “it works” is not enough. It needs to be integrated deep in the UI.


Touch actually works in Mac OS X. See this video:


holy…sh*t. excuse my language. I also didnt expect the touch to work for Mac OS. When everyone has a V, i will make another thread to discuss in depth how to install etc.


Here is what the video’s YouTube description says.

Mac OS X el capitan 10.11.2 on my cube i7 stylus it is completely stable and usable for everyday use

what works till now
1= full acceleration gpu
2= sound speaker or headphone
3= touch screen with mouse movements and only right and left mouse clicks no double click no scroll (touch can work with device boot by automator app)
4= battery percentage status
5= app store access by null ethernet
6= the front and back cameras

not works
1= internal wireless (use external mini usb wifi ex; tp-link tl725n)
2= wacom pen (it is connected through i2c hid too like touch screen i hope we find solution soon)
3= internal realtek card reader (as i found in forums there is no luck to make it works)
4= screen rotation

EDIT: According to a user in the comment section, they also got the Wi-Fi to work:

Thanks for these series of step by step guide videos. (though I can’t make mine’s audio work)
I found a driver making internal wifi work, download No 3, UB4 MacOS Wireless Driver V1.0

EDIT2: Bad news: that older Cube tablet uses a Realtek Wi-Fi chipset. Good news: A popular solution is to plug this very small, cheap Wi-Fi adapter into a vacant USB port (and the Eve V has a load of ports). Then, you have Wi-Fi. Problem solved!

If you want Wireless-AC, this may should work as it also lists Mac OS X support. It only supports up to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, though.