Guess the price! Win your Eve V i7 for free




The Original post went as follows, [and the prices are introduced **HERE**](

Now we have announced the **3 configurations of Eve V**, which will be available during the Indiegogo campaign ([right here](

Earlier we have seen how (beneficially) Eve V compares with the kingpin, the market flagship MS Surface Pro 4 (see comparison here).

We have said it many times: the price of Eve V will be announced during the Indiegogo launch day, 21st of November.
Now you can guess it!

The simple thing you need to try to get your head around is:

“What is the price of Eve V i7 model?”

We raffle one free Eve V unit among the people who get the answer right!

If you’re interested in this, get a marking to your calendar from here now, so you won’t lose your win!

To help you out, we have given some status check from the top market here:

Read the rules below first, then... #[**CLICK HERE TO GUESS THE PRICE!** (LINK)](
**To win, you need to:** 1) Head to the giveaway page and guess the price 2) Understand that inviting friends to join the party increases your chances of winning, significantly! (You don't need to pay anything for entering, of course!)

This ‘Guess the Price’ is just for fun, and for the luckiest one especially a great thing :slight_smile:

_The contest runs from now until Monday 21.11. 1p.m. (GMT+2)_

And who wins?
-We will randomly select a winner among the participants who guessed the right price. As soon as we have selected the winner, we will inform her/him (is it gonna be you?)
btw, that person needs to respond real quick, otherwise we pass the victory along to the 2nd luckiest.

What is the price?
-Eve V computer! i7 version, shipped to the winner at the same time as the Indiegogo units ship.
How much is it worth? That’s for you to guess.

How to increase your odds?
-By guessing the price, you immediately gain 5 “tickets”, from which we draw the winner. But there is more!
When you invite a friend to join the guessing game, you gain 3 more tickets. Sharing is beneficial (with Eve, this is always the question). For the first one to join, you get 3 more chances to win (tickets).
And then for every other friend you invite to join via the “Refer your friend!” -action found on the giveaway widget, you get 1 more ticket once they join.

How many times may I participate?
-Seriously? Only once. Make it count! (Only inviting buddies to guess will make your case better after you’ve made the guess)

Why invite friends?
-Let us face it. Eve is not for a small inside group only. Everyone should get the chance to see what we have created, and to compete fairly for Eve V! And besides, you get better chances for winning among the people who typed the correct price, when you share this opportunity to your circles!

May the luckiest win!


Guessing: 1299 USD =)


For the i7 1444$ …So, in order to post I need 20…


I’ll take a guess on 1450.


i find your guesses really low, it would be nice if it were true but it is the i7 model, lets just hope it is


Here is a bit more reference point…:


$1549.99 USD would be my guess, thanks for the chance to win an amazing device!


I think it will cost 1400 euros.


1399$ so same as a Razer Blade Stealth!


I would be hoping for somewhere near 1399


I think it will cost 1299$ usd


hi guys! my guess is 1199EUR. looking forward to backing, but getting one free would be even better! thank you for the opportunity.



Hi @barmanez, @Bocra, @artisan, @gmcrae, @Tsakmalis_Christos, @smpte11, @Justus_Rene, @Jean-Francois_Belang & @Darius_Zaerin!

Please note that your comments are appreciated but not valid, as only the guesses done via the link are valid.

I’ve now closed the topic to reduce confusion, please use the link to give your guess! :slight_smile:

#[Click here to guess the price!] (
(but read the guidelines from original post above first!)