[GUESS THE BOM] Microsoft SP 4 Keyboard


Recently we learned how much Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard costs to make. To remind you its an 150 USD or 169 EUR accessory. So guess the BOM cost of this bad boy

  • 15 $
  • 25 $
  • 35 $
  • 45 $
  • 55 $
  • 65 $
  • 75 $
  • 85 $
  • 100 $
  • 120 $

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Just to remind you there are many thing to be improved in this keyboard. It’s time to make some bets :slight_smile:


One thing, is this just manufacturing cost?


Yes, basically how much it costs Microsoft to buy from their suppliers


U guys will sell your accessory at a better rate, right?


I’m very interested in the solution :wink:

How about an imaginary cookie for those who get it right? :smiley:


So far nobody guessed :smiley:


Can I change my vote?


No:) lets not do that because you still wont guess:D


Please, don’t tell me it is $15. :open_mouth:


I think it is o.o

And I thought 25 might be too high too… xD


No way. Is Microsoft ripping off everyone?


it can be 65$ :wink:


What is the actual cost price? I give up :relaxed:


I have a feeling they aren’t telling us the price, so that we won’t demand the same price for the fabric keyboard of the Pyramid Flipper. :grinning:


…or because they’re in China :wink:


@Konstantinos I know this is old. But if you’re able to say, how much DOES the SP4 keyboard cost to manufacture…?


According to our estimate it is around 30 USD to make. Sorry guys I left you with such a cliffhanger :smile:


Costco here bundles the keyboard and a 2 year warranty at similar MSRP as regular​ shops! :rofl:


I see. So nobody could guess the right price with 25$ and 35$ as options :stuck_out_tongue:


It only took a year. :laughing: