Greetings from UNDERDOG (The guys helping Eve with their brand)



Hey everyone!

This is Matt & Jeff from Underdog. As some of you might know we have been helping Eve with their branding and design. Over the last few months we’ve really dug in with the team and have looked closely at the culture of the community to tell Eve’s unique story. We’re honored to be given such responsibility from such a forward-thinking group. Eve is special—but you already know that :slight_smile:

The heart of Eve is this community and we hope you’ve seen that shine through in the new marketing site and video we’ve put together. Konsta, Riku and the entire team are such cool people and we are constantly amazed by their passion and dedication to all of you guys here. It’s no easy task to create a device like the V and there’s certainly tremendous challenges when you are trying follow the input of thousands of others who are weighing in—these guys are incredible!

We’ve been getting amazing feedback from out there in the world since the launch of the new site that made it just in time for Computex and we hope to continue to help Eve far into the future.

Underdog is a unique branding & design agency. We’re a small group that works exclusively with startups. We help the brave, the bold and the passionate; the risk-takers and change-makers who are unwilling to settle for the status quo. That’s what lights our fire and keeps it burning. In fact, we’ve built our entire business model, team, process and approach around the unique needs and resources of startups. We chose big impact over big budgets and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We wanted share something that I think you guys will get a kick out of. Here is a link to the pitch we sent Eve at the beginning of this year:

Here we are enjoying a slice of NYC pizza with Konsta and Riku on their first trip to the states!

Couple shots from the NYC meet-up

Konsta @ Krispy Kreme :slight_smile:

A cool jazz band we had all to ourselves!

Your most fond, painful and cool memories from's journey?
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Hello there. Nice to see you here. Your pitch was interesting and I’m happy that it all ended up well.

(also, I’m extremely tired, and because of that barely communicative)


Just wanted to say. Really nice work on the website design/overall branding so far! Keep it up, guys.


I can see why Eve chose to partner up with you guys! Awesome presentation :slight_smile: So, what is Eve’s Archetype? :wink:


I really appreciate your work and great to see you here as a part of the Community! The new Homepage is great and your Video is great too. Thanks for sharing that with us :slight_smile:


The rebel!

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Hey! Because of Eve’s strong stance against overturning corporate BS (flipping the pyramid) and putting the power to decide into the hands of the people, it was clear that they are the “Outlaw” AKA Rebel/Reformer/Mavrick. The purpose of the Outlaw is: “To destroy what’s not working for the good of others.” — perfect match!


You know what I think was a perfect match too? You and Eve :smile:


I know it’s an introduction, but I’ve pulled the thread into #eve-official to put an extra spotlight on it. Great to have you guys on board!


Hello Underdogs!!

Nice to meet you guys and thank you for sharing your story, and also the photo. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys have up your sleeves for EVE and the V.

Do share more photos of Konsta and Riku’s visit with you guys.


Very cool! Thanks Helios!


Done! Added a few more :slight_smile:


Key question will be how do we get the Eve V tshirt? :slight_smile:


Going to a community event worked for me xD


I would like to know this too :grinning:, that t-shirt rocks!!

It’s not so easy to organise or attend a community event if you are very far away (like being in a different country altogether) from other community members.


It’s not so bad. I only had to drive nine hours each way to get to the one in Ulm :wink:


I have to give you that one.

…Now I just need three or four more people in South East Asia. And a prototype? :thinking:


We’ll, if you want to have multiple of the meetup shirts as they are each unique (symbol of the city in the background) it’d be plenty of drives :wink:

I hope a version might be listed in the web shop at some point.


So that’s where the @Konstantinos Krispy Kreme photo came from!



Matt & Jeff it was super cool to meet and hang out with you two in NYC! You are turning some really exciting things for all of us here in the community! Keep it up guys and I hope to see you all again sometime soon!