Greetings from Montreal Canada


Hi folks!

My name is Andrew and i’m new to this forum after ordering the V (512GB i7) on Dec 21st 2017 before christmas. Before i bought the V, i was really close getting the new surface pro.
Love the fact that the community is really involved; asking questions and sharing their opinions on the V.



Hey Andrew, welcome. Tell us more about you. Job, age, and whatever you want if you want…


Hi Dibadibadu.

Sure, i work as a Compliance Officer in a Financial Institution based in Montreal Canada. As for my age, reaching chapter 3 pretty soon lol.

Took me about a good month to finally decide i would go for the V instead of Surface Pro; watched tons of reviews on youtube before purchasing it.


Welcome on this community.
Tons of information available, including information you never asked for :relaxed:


Welcome, here from Toronto !!!


Welcome, from south shore of montreal ! =)


Hi! Welcome!

I’m Flash Sales fellow as you too.

Let’s hope that our shipment will be less of the drama. :smiley:



Greetings Andrew from Montreal, Canada!

I hear your fair city is renown for it’s stripper clubs. Is it as good as some say it is? :smirk::cowboy_hat_face:

On a serious note, good on you for getting the V :nerd_face:


Welcome to the community!
Let’s work on revolutionizing tech, together :smiley:


i hope so too buddy… i hope so too lol. im glad that at least we get email notifications regarding our flash sale batch to keep us updated


loool. As local, i Don’t think it is that impressive but i got friends in Ontario Markham would come up in Mtl during summer time for F1, food and of course Strip clubs