Greetings from Germany, Frankfurt am Main


Hey Eve Community!

A few days ago I missed an offer from Microsoft a few days ago who sold the Surafce pro 4 i5 256g 8gb ram with the Keyboard for 849€ ( 500€ cheaper).

Link here:

Afterwards I am really glad to miss this offer so that I found the Eve V as a better alternative to the Surface Pro.
I’m sure now to buy the Eve V and support this community.

I joined this community because I liked every Aspect of the Eve Company:

I really like your nice Website design :smiley:
I like the Eve V device
But the main aspect is the concept of a collective Mind working together to make something made by us :ok_hand:

greetings from Frankfurt am Main


Welcome to our community. Greetings from black forest… Your choice is the right one! Some patience will be needed, but the end is near…


Is it just me or do we have a overwhelming number of germans here? XD

Welcome to the community :wink:


Welcome to the community from Fulda (1hour away from Frankfurt) if you have any questioms feel free to pm me or ask them here


Finally additional Hesse’s in here! Welcome and raise any questions you might have…


Greetings from Mainz (almost Hessia :wink:)


Feel outnumbered? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, he’s German :smiley:


Welcome from me, too.
And also from Fulda.
Never thought that there will be another Rucksack :wink:.


Greetings from Cottbus, I did join this Community a few weeks ago and i’m really excited that the end is near so i can have the V for my upcoming study :slight_smile:


And welcome from Berlin. :night_with_stars:


Eve really is an excellent marketer; I feel like this is not emphasized enough.


Welcome, Mehmet to our community!!!

I am from my mother planet “Earth” :slight_smile:

Just pulling legs, I have been in Frankfurt many times (“FRA” if you knew what I am eluding too).


Welcome and Servus from the Oktoberfest :beers:


Greetings from Bad Homburg!


Finally woke up? Good morning!!!:yum:


And Greetings from Leipzig. :+1:
Welcome in the great Community.