Greetings from Austria 🖖


Count me in! :wink: Would be great to get an Austrian meetup!


I am from Austria too ;). Region arround Graz.
Can’t wait to see a V in person.


Sorry for double post. But I wanted to know if there is a chance to get the hands on a V in Austria?


Right now not, as I’ve not got a prototype, but when one is delivered to me you can ping me up and we can check if I’ll ever be somewhere in your vincinity (Most likely locations for me are in upper austria/border to Steiermark or Vienna)


Please make a video when you do!


Thanks! Would it be possible for you to ping me as soon as your prototype has arrived?
We can discuss when and where we’ll meet then.
Thanks a lot!


I don’t have a prototype and will likely not receive one any more - I was talking about my hyper early bird :slight_smile:


Ok! Wether prototype or hyper early bird both are ok :smiley:
I really hope they open the webshop really soon. My 4 year old 1gen Thinkpad yoga has letting me down quite a few times now. Because I need it for work (I am a teacher) it is a bit frustrating, but I don’t want to buy a Surface. Guess I will wait for the V.


hi ikirin

i would also love to take a look, before i order. im in vienna, so maybe a short meeting is possible, when you’re here and have the goods.

thanks and best


Hiya @georgm! :slight_smile:

I’ll likely be in Vienna around the time of ComicCon again (read: 18th - 19th November for sure, maybe 17th as well) maybe a tad earlier however I’m unsure if I’ve got a V at that point (as it’s end of october).

If we’ve got some other people from Vienna they might be able to help you a bit earlier than I can as I’m unsure I’ll want to take my V with me when going to a Con :smiley:


I would love to participate in a Vienna meetup! :smiley:
But unfortunately I will not have my V this early :frowning:


It’d not be a meetup - I’d just show up somewhere with my V & let people have a try before I move on to whereever I go :smiley:


That would be good enough for me :wink:

But a meetup would be even better! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @Markus_Gombocz, in 2 weeks I’ll come down to Graz for a meeting. Seems to be a nice place :sunglasses: