Greetings from Austria 🖖

Hello everyone!

I’ve been hiding in the background on the forums for months now, first without, later with an account, and I thought it was about time stopped lurking.
I’m Stefan, a software developer from Austria; I first heard about the V from a co-worker a few months ago, who knew I had been looking to get a tablet for a while, preferrably something MS Surface-like, but either a bit cheaper or a bit better hardware-wise. So I was very glad to hear about something that is both of those things, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for the V to become available for purchase ever since.
Anyways… I suppose that’s good enough for an introduction. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the community

Welcome my friend :smile: if you have any questions feel free to ask

Welcome fellow Austrian! :smiley: From which corner are you? :smiley:


Welcome to the Community great to see more Austrians here :smiley:

Thank you all for the welcome :slight_smile:

@iKirin I’m from Vienna (8th district, to be as exact as I dare on a publicly viewable forum). And where in Austria are you from, if I may return the question?

I’m from around the Linz area but got some good buddies in Vienna so I pop up there from time to time :smiley:

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Hey cool! I’m from Austria too.
Nice to hear some other Austrians are hyped for the V as well! :smile:

@iKirin Should I be embarrassed that my first association with Linz is pastry (Linzer Augen, Linzer Schnitte)? :sweat_smile: Mmmm, pastry… :yum:

@malilo Yes, I was surprised as well, considering we’re a rather small country. On the other hand, apparently this forum has over 5000 users (seriously?! lots of lurkers).
Also, as far as I can tell this was your first post on the forum, so it is now my turn to say: Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Another Viennese even better :smiley:
I am from 11th district :wink:

And welcome @malilo! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, guess it’s time to raise my hand too :slightly_smiling_face:
I am one of these lurkers, following the conversations in the forum for quite a while, with a smile on my face how discussions (and emotions) are going up and down. And the best thing is to watch the V coming closer to our beautiful, little country :grinning:

Greeting from Linz, the sweet capitol of Austria :wink:


Thanks for the welcome guys!

Hi bimpfal, i’ve also been one of those lurkers for half a year or so… i wonder how many more there are :smiley:
I’m from Linz as well… There will be quite a lot of Vs in Linz this year :heart:

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Since we seem to have quite a bunch of ppl from Linz/Vienna I think we might be able to get a community meetup together when we develop a new product :smiley:
Also bonus points for me not having to travel 3 hours by train :wink:


as a carinthian i would probably join the party :wink:

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But I’d be up to 12 hours travel time… Are you sure we can’t have it somewhere in Luxembourg or something?

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Wow, I seem to have started a bit of an avalanche of Austrians coming out of hiding. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Welcome to the forum @bimpfal

Well, Vienna would be the obvious preference for me, but I’d be up for some traveling. I’ve never been to Linz anyways. Luxembourg though? As much as I like seeing new places, it sure is a bit of a distance. :wink:

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Came in almost just like you.
Was also thinking Surface - but stumbled over the EVE.

BTW: I’m from Austria too :wink:

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Me too. :slight_smile: I’d be up for a meet-up here around…

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Raise my hand too! :slight_smile: Hi There! Greetinx From Graz!
Lurking around. :man_dancing:

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