Great Display, Power Adapter leaves much to be desired

The display itself is awesome! Love it, hands down. The only quibble I have is with the power adapter.

  1. Why is the connector to the display a right angle? The port is on the bottom of the display, so this really should be a straight connector. The right angle either juts out or covers up the port next to it.
  2. The cable from the adapter to the display is far too short, leaving the power adapter hanging in the air and occasionally pulling the power on my display. I’d rather not have an ugly brick on my desk, but that’s my solution until I can get a third party power adapter.

Little disappointed in this, but as it’s an accessory and not the display itself it definitely isn’t going to make me cancel the order for my 2nd display or stop me from recommending the display to others!


In this sernario I would normally get the velcro adhesive strips and secure to the bottom of my desk because no one looks under there. Based on what you’ve said, sounds like I’ll be doing that myself. But, I hear what you are saying 100%!

Something along the lines of this:


The connector is right-angled because it is designed to be used with the EVE Spectrum stand.
This stand has a hole for the cable to fit through, and the right-angled connector is a smart way to fit the cable through the hole.
The length of the cable is not a problem on my desk (72cm high).
Even with the display on the desk, the AC adapter does not hang in the air and can be placed on the floor.
I was more concerned about the fact that the cable on the outlet side was too long (1.8m).
I had to order a new shorter cable (0.5m) to replace it.


Hi Doppel,

Yep, my exact experience as well. The angled male connector makes it easy to do cable management on both the stand and on a VESA mount.

I can imagine the cable being short when you are using a VESA mount as the adapter cable will have to follow (run through or be strapped on) the VESA mount itself.
A cable gutter can easily solve this though.