Graphene Battery Packs make it to prime time


Peoples, the first graphene battery packs are available in the marketplace. They are not as capable as they can be but are still impressive in their own right. Below is a link for one of them, I think this is very exciting, as it is a revolution in mobile power that is about to play out.


Pretty sure this is still a lithium polymer power bank, with a fancy name on it. You know, typical marketing stuff.


It says here that it’s “Graphene inspired” not graphene itself.
So yep, deceptive marketing.


These are Gen 1 Graphene batteries, which are Lithium ion batteries with graphene used in the battery which reduces the ability to combust or explode and speeds up the charging time (they are all marketed as fast charge batteries, and all look like they came onto the market in early 2017).


This question’s response contradicts your argument(sort of).
I’m confused now…


Way too heavy to be graphene. Definitely a marketing gimmick.


Yeah, it looks like they just use Graphene to be the “Connector” similarly to using Gold as the connecters for metal-metal data cables such as HDMI. Makes it WAY less expensive since gold is some $1000 an ounce.

The only way I could see a completely graphene battery work is if they somehow make the graphene a superconductor. The charge has to be stored in something, in this case, the lithium ion.


That would be (and is) a way to make a pure graphene “battery” :slight_smile: but you’re right, that the batteries using graphene all need something like Lithium. They are supposed to be lighter and charge faster though iirc.