Grammar discussion


Please discuss here about grammar and words of Konsta, not in the original Update 01.08. thread

Quick update 01.08
0.5 liner update 04.08
Quick update 01.08

It would be nice if one of the community managers could edit konstas English a bit, just the obvious misswritings.
I know English isn’t his mother tongue, but it would make a better appearance.

Edit: Appreciate the update :slight_smile:


I do edit official posts whenever I see things that just… need changing. But isn’t part of Eve’s appeal that you get 100% pure, unadulterated Konsta?

A nice one for the new ‘About’ page:



Dear friend,

We are all aware that bad inglies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is a modern international language. Learn to live with it :hugs:


I have mixed feeling about this. I mean, its good to have the contents directly from the CEO, but its also nice to have a bit of grammar & spelling check to make it easier to understand. Its not a big deal, but nice addition nonetheless.


Oh come on guys… really, English ? I think they should start talking in Finnish since its their language and let us all deal with that ? Wouldnt that be fun ? :slight_smile:


I would like future updates in Latin please.

Fanx. :slight_smile:



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I don’t know, but that Latin seems wrong as well :thinking:

(that was a joke. Just to be clear :D)


Google Translator to ?english?:
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Does Pig latin actually count?


Yes :slight_smile: I think it will pass :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you talking finnish? Everybody’s got it. So what’s the problem, except you are a teacher :slight_smile:


At this poin artificial intelligence says: “Hold my beer” and does this:


Seriously Patrick? I’m gobsmacked that you thought it necessary to post such a comment about the wording. Incredible actually. Poor form indeed.
PS: I can’t find anything wrong with his wording. Much better than what I normally write and heaps better than my Finnish for sure:)


@Patrick_Hermawan do you mean “it’s good to have…[a bit of grammar”?



Well besides the comments regarding grammer, I’m happy to see that things are going smoothly :grinning:


Wow, some of you are a needy bunch. First came the demands for more frequent updates, and now those updates are being criticised for their grammar and spelling. If the contents of the update were understood by all (the overarching objective of the update), what’s really to be gained by nitpicking grammatical errors? Other than deeming someone’s best efforts insufficient, of course.


Personally, I don’t mind with wrong grammar or something (since my English isn’t perfect too)… the most important thing is, We can understand Him, He can answer the question, He can interact with us, He gave us an update regularly… it’s just so nice that CEO himself did all that to us directly, making a joke too, etc through forum… makin me/us have the feeling that he is one of us too…
After the real sales begin, then maybe that is the time using translator? :smiley: … just keep it up with the update regularly team :+1:


People are allowed to have a language that they don’t speak as well as their mother tongue. This isn’t unprofessional. It’s what differentiates us from robots.

Eve isn’t English/American/Irish/Canadian/Australian, so why would they be expected to have perfect English?