Got questions about the V? (Q&A with Konsta & engineers)



If people just ask the questions they want to ask, and keep from going off-topic, it’ll be quite easy to keep track of the questions, and who asked them. So that would be my advice!


Want to build a VESA arm mount for the V which just hold the V at the opened kickstand. Inserting only the kickstand into a dock allows the user to fit the angle and attach the keyboard when V is docked. Heat is no problem, its even better, because kickstand is always open.

Are the hinges of the kickstand strong enough for something like that???


If I ever visit Finland, can I meet your cat, and more importantly, will you cook me dinner?


Yes if you visit within next 4 month!


Would it be possible to get to see the localised chargers and/or keyboards (and eventual prototypes)?


Questions for the engineers:

  • did you solved the headphone plugin noise?
  • could the size of the usb connector could be widen to enable every usb device to fit ìn?
  • what is the reason for the GPS chip to get no signal, what has to be changed?
  • is there a chance maybe for the V2 of the V to enable easier maintenance of the V to open and exchange battery, ssd, display, eg. windows in the frame


+1 about the GPS issue… I would like more info and to know if it is possible to fix it with the new delay of 2-3 weeks ?

Thx a lot for your work


Why the next 4 months where are you heading?


I will take you up on that offer! :wink:

Jokes aside, a question for our great engineers:

  • Which part was the most difficult to design on the V?


What is your overall impression of the V and the Project?

  • Will it be technically possible to charge the V with a quality non USB-PD charger/Powerbank like an Anker PowerIQ Device 5V@3A. [[More Info]]
    (USB-PD and V charging confusion)
  • There are multiple technical questions about TDP: If it can harm other components if you use a higher TDP(Max). If this is (stress) tested. And until which point EVEs warranty covers this. [More Info]
  • Will it be possible to include V PEN Tips in our Kickstarter Orders? Maybe even without packaging the tips since the V is already packaged. [[More Info]]
    (Replacable pen tips are available now!)

Replacable pen tips are available now!
A few concerns & Questions - Remix OS, Design, Shipping & eGPU

Please confirm, that when charge reach 100%, V automatic switches to AC to preserve battery life.
At weekends will use the device for long hours connected to dock.
Thank you.


This has been previously confirmed:

There are some other places where prototypes did not have a battery correctly installed and powered up normally also confirming that a battery does not need to be present (i.e. battery is bypassed when plugged in).


UPDATE: We’ll be taking questions until Sunday, May 7th, 19:00UTC, so don’t hold back and be sure to get your question into this thread!


If this was answered somewhere else already I apologize, but have the battery charging issues been resolved? Has the cause of the problem been pinpointed?

This is the bug I’m referring to:

Also confirmed by kazenorin here:


I’m wondering if the display will be HDR capable (dolby vision, hdr 10 etc.)?

  • What are your current aging test mission profiles (Aka testing conditions / use cases applied)?
  • What is the current results of battery life and under which mission Profiles (not from prototype testers, but from Eve’s current internal results)
  • A @Konstantinos post mentionned about current work on battery life optimization :

What was done until now and what kind of room does remain for improvement?

  • I have seen quite some benchmarks results (thanks to all testers :blush: ) for the i5 version. Anything similar for the i7 version?

Thanks a lot!


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

I will close this thread, and update it later when answers are available…



@Konstantinos any updates for this thread would be meet with great enthusiasm :wink: