Got questions about the V? (Q&A with Konsta & engineers)



Konsta and the Engineers – I know, I know, it sounds like a swing band. Or a punk band. Or… some kind of band, anyway. But on a more serious note: Next week, Co-founder and CEO of Eve, @Konstantinos will be in China with the engineers that help make the V a reality.

This is an excellent opportunity to get answers to those burning questions you might have in the back of your head. What do Eve engineers eat in their natural habitat? How many oranges are used in the manufacturing of each V? Will we ever see more videos of Konsta’s cat? Now is the time to ask!

This is a fairly unique chance for the community to present questions directly to the engineers that work for our manufacturing partners. Examples of topics would be manufacturing, assembly or testing of the devices.

Please post any questions in this thread. We’ll collect them, and Konstantinos will do his best to get as many questions answered as possible!

UPDATE: We’ll be taking questions until Sunday, May 7th, 19:00UTC, so don’t hold back and be sure to get your question into this thread!

UPDATE: The questions are in, and the thread is closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the Q&A! We’ll update it when the answers are in!

UPDATE: It took a while, but the answers are finally in! You can find them in this thread:

Community Digest 06.05

Sorry dudes I wasn’t so active past week. All the focus on getting V’s produced and shipped!

I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible during my trip!

  • How many different manufacturers are you using to source all the components?
  • How many are you (engineers) and what does each person do? Amazing job btw :wink:
  • Do you have a office for all the engineers to meet? Give us some pictures if you can :slight_smile:
  • What was the component that took the most time to find the right one for the V?
  • How many different machines does the V pass through when it is produced? If you can overload us with more pictures :wink:
  • Which tests is the V going through? We’ve seen already a kickstand opening and closing one :slight_smile: Any drop tests being done?

Thanks! Will update if any more questions come to mind :slight_smile:

  1. In terms of Engineering challenges, what was far more challenging than the team would have expected?
  2. Again in terms of Engineering, which specific part of the V were you guys most proud of?
    Please don’t say every single part :slight_smile:
  3. Apart from the well known DVT1, 2 and 3; how many distinct classes of prototypes were produced?
    Let’s say we define “distinct classes” as relatively major builds you guys can tell apart.


If people just ask the questions they want to ask, and keep from going off-topic, it’ll be quite easy to keep track of the questions, and who asked them. So that would be my advice!


Want to build a VESA arm mount for the V which just hold the V at the opened kickstand. Inserting only the kickstand into a dock allows the user to fit the angle and attach the keyboard when V is docked. Heat is no problem, its even better, because kickstand is always open.

Are the hinges of the kickstand strong enough for something like that???


If I ever visit Finland, can I meet your cat, and more importantly, will you cook me dinner?


Yes if you visit within next 4 month!


Would it be possible to get to see the localised chargers and/or keyboards (and eventual prototypes)?


Questions for the engineers:

  • did you solved the headphone plugin noise?
  • could the size of the usb connector could be widen to enable every usb device to fit ìn?
  • what is the reason for the GPS chip to get no signal, what has to be changed?
  • is there a chance maybe for the V2 of the V to enable easier maintenance of the V to open and exchange battery, ssd, display, eg. windows in the frame


+1 about the GPS issue… I would like more info and to know if it is possible to fix it with the new delay of 2-3 weeks ?

Thx a lot for your work


Why the next 4 months where are you heading?


I will take you up on that offer! :wink:

Jokes aside, a question for our great engineers:

  • Which part was the most difficult to design on the V?


What is your overall impression of the V and the Project?

  • Will it be technically possible to charge the V with a quality non USB-PD charger/Powerbank like an Anker PowerIQ Device 5V@3A. [[More Info]]
    (USB-PD and V charging confusion)
  • There are multiple technical questions about TDP: If it can harm other components if you use a higher TDP(Max). If this is (stress) tested. And until which point EVEs warranty covers this. [More Info]
  • Will it be possible to include V PEN Tips in our Kickstarter Orders? Maybe even without packaging the tips since the V is already packaged. [[More Info]]
    (Replacable pen tips are available now!)

Replacable pen tips are available now!
A few concerns & Questions - Remix OS, Design, Shipping & eGPU

Please confirm, that when charge reach 100%, V automatic switches to AC to preserve battery life.
At weekends will use the device for long hours connected to dock.
Thank you.


This has been previously confirmed:

There are some other places where prototypes did not have a battery correctly installed and powered up normally also confirming that a battery does not need to be present (i.e. battery is bypassed when plugged in).


UPDATE: We’ll be taking questions until Sunday, May 7th, 19:00UTC, so don’t hold back and be sure to get your question into this thread!


If this was answered somewhere else already I apologize, but have the battery charging issues been resolved? Has the cause of the problem been pinpointed?

This is the bug I’m referring to:

Also confirmed by kazenorin here:


I’m wondering if the display will be HDR capable (dolby vision, hdr 10 etc.)?