Got my V, it was broken, but Eve replaced it and it's amazing! :)

Eve packaging is actually beyond expectations. I will take pictures of the dented foam when I get home

If packaging is sufficient then i must say it just that time of year when sh*t is hectic.

I prefer to use air bubble wrap, those huge air bubble kind (size of fist).

They used that too, or at least 4PX was supposed to. It didn’t work out so well in some cases as “the pump broke”.

All i can say is LOL. I guess a foot pump would be a work out xD.

I’m surprised they couldn’t get another pump as in china is easy to source things like the pump.

OMG, Really after waiting over a year for our V’s to ship out and now quality issues and missing items on orders? This is very disturbing and disappointing.


Posts like these are seriously giving me second thoughts on this. Part of the reason I bought an EVE was that many reviewers noted on it looking and feeling like it’s on par with the Surface, but a worrying amount of community posts paint the picture of the EVE V’s build quality being on par with low-end phones you buy from Aliexpress.

If some machines are in this condition out of the box, what will they be like a year down the line?


I respectfully disagree. It is not to throw the ball at Eve, but we only got a few statements and photos, this doesn’t qualify to judge how serious the QA/QC procedure is.
As a first lot of production, it should be expectedto have a few failing units, unfortunately.

Also, 4Px may not be a trustworthy partner and have obviously drop some packages but I do not think that the keyboard/missing pen issue is on them. Dropping the package would surely not mix the key as Seanford reported.


Well, the reviews probably aren’t that wrong. I will receive mine tomorrow so I can make my own judgement, but this isn’t necessarily all Eve-tech’s fault(maybe some/most of it, it’s always possible) That is to be determined. It seems to me that many of these problems could be caused by appalling shipping handling. But comparing the V to a 200e Aliexpress phone is probably going too far.


Both Sean and I suspect our V’s were damaged prior to being put into the inflated bubble protection. That bubble protection is no joke. You can definitely drop your V in that all day and probably nothing will happen to it.

Some afterthought for the team, they should get smaller boxes. The box I received can fit 2-3 V’s in bubble encasing. That’s a waste of money (shipping charges) and the extra space gives the V too much room to bounce around, which can probably knock loose internal components (this is bad too but i digress…)

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I don’t know for sure, but piecing together what I’ve read it sounds like it is most efficient for emdoor to assemble the V’s and put them all the together into a box. Same goes for other bits, ie all keyboards packaged together, all pens together, all power packs together.

Then those boxes send to local warehouses for packing into the final packages for the end customer. Apparently it clears customs easier this way of something.

So in the local warehouse, 4px look at a customer order and selects what is required and sticks it into an end delivery box, ie. One m3 tablet, one French keyboard, one pen, etc etc.

To me this explains why the tablets could be qc’d at emdoor, pass, but then when it gets to the local warehouse some 4px dude could drop it, lose keys, try to replace, etc.

Having seen the unboxing vids, the keyboard is under the tablet. Then all wrapped up in bubble wrap. I don’t think emdoor in China knows which keyboard goes with which tablet, and the bubble wrap is done locally, hence why I think this is all done in local warehouse.

Now some things do seem to be directly eve’s fault, eg audit mode on tablet (unless 4px dude decided to turn one on and have a play…) or the speakers, so I’m not saying eve are totally without fault. But eve are also accepting fault on behalf of 4px I think, eg wrong keyboards being sent out (if I’m right then 4px at fault). I don’t believe eve have the staff to qc the local warehouses which are all over the world, they can only qc emdoor in China (tablet assembly is the hardest and riskiest bit right…? doh)

Sorry I’m rambling now

TL:DR - I support the “get rid of 4px” camp!


Why do you need a logistics company to do the packing? How hard is it to put stuff in a box with bubble wrap?


feel free to share pics with us :slight_smile:

Packaging of goods, at any location other than the Air Shippers nominated place is almost impossible in China.

All goods must be inspected by the AIR Shipper Company. I repeat ALL GOODS!

This makes life difficult for Eve and they need to find a more reliable Shipper/Packer.

4PX do not look like they can cut it.

BTW I put a post on - Shipping / Packaging QC with a bit more detail.


making me nightmare while waiting my V ordered from flash sale…

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agree that put them all together into box to reduce the errors / mistake

@Masters888 provided a detailed explanation on the reasoning on the way things are done now

@Masters888 it’ll be helpful if you link that post here too

Please don’t blame Eve, though at the end of the day the buck stops with them.

Continuing the discussion from Shipping / Packaging QC:

I hope this link above helps you to understand a little better.


Try this

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That’s what i expected in the first place.

It’s a pity with your V. For the SSD Problem this might help out. Was the same with me yesterday, but I got a kind of ive support:

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