Got my V, it was broken, but Eve replaced it and it's amazing! :)


Got my V a few minutes ago and it is a total mess.

  1. Power button barely working. took 10 - 15 tries to get it to turn on.

  2. I immediately get an EFI Shell error…map: Cannot find required map name. I then end up at the EFI shell. No Windows for me.

  3. My keyboard is also busted. Then N key is where the M key is supposed to be, and the M key is loose and broken.

I have to say, after a year of waiting, I’m extremely disappointed. I certainly hope that it will not take weeks to send me a new one. After all, I was original order #15.

Please advise as to what I should do next.


Contact Eve support via

Sorry to hear about your situation, I can’t imagine how let down you felt to wait a year for a broken device!


oh its a pity you had to make such a bad experience. I am suffering with you and hope for a quick exchange.
The more I am glad that everything runs smoothly so far with me.

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I’m starting to be scared of EVE QA/QC …


That’s too bad! :frowning: the keyboard issue sounds terrible and weird indeed! Surely something like having the keys in the wrong place should have been noticed during QC! :confused: let’s hope you just had bad luck with the power button and that your windows issue gets fixed!

And do shoot an email to!

Wow, so sorry to hear that! Let’s hope that the team can get a replacement to you ASAP. Was there any visible damage to the packaging when you received it? Holes in the inflated cushion/rips anywhere?

But we saw Eve’s QA/QC process, how solid it looked, and many others haven’t had any issues. This almost makes me think it got seriously damaged en transit and someone tried to hastily fix it (quite possibly our seemingly incapable friends over at 4PX) rather than admit they made a mistake.

To be fair this is all speculation and I know it’s possible there is a problem with Eve’s QA that needs to be addressed, especially since multiple people have experienced big problems out of the box. But we already know 4PX is responsible for some of the things (delays, wrong/missing accessories, damaged boxes), so it feels more likely that other things are their fault as well.

@SeanFord, sorry man, it stinks that your unboxing experience did not go well.


box was dinged, but nothing major. Nothing that would indicate this thing is a paperweight.

I don’t want to point fingers at Eve first, as I am going through similar middleman issues. Those idiots at 4PX definitely dropped my V on the floor from a very high height and then stuffed it into a vacuum bubble bag thinking it would be fine. It’s pointless for Eve to do perfect QA if the idiots in between fk shit up. I hope Eve reconsiders using 4PX for the LB’s.


Yep…my box was dinged INSIDE the bubble wrap as well.


I do share the belief that their partners don’t shine in quality control and possibly in overall experience. In fairness, however, we are the (hyper) early birds: problems are to be expected with our units. As long as they replace in warranty, it’s ok.
Our feedback, hopefully, will serve to nail down all the categories of issues and ensure higher quality (and therefore lower return rates) for the units that will be produced afterwards. As for our units, defects will have to be handled with warranty replacements where necessary in order to get units not showing the issues.

It is disappointing, I agree… but it was to be expected. My unit is also about to undergo warranty procedure due to an issue with the touch panel. The rest I didn’t check (and, actually, I probably should).


Experiences like this and reports thereof might ruin this whole project. After all, for EVE to be an economically viable company the must sell thousands of units now. How they are supposed to do this, if people can easily find reports of broken, incomplete units arriving and disappointed backers. It is time for EVE to move extremely quickly to ensure all unlucky HEBs receive a working replacement.

And BTW - I think this must be an issue with the S&H company (4px?) - press units bypassed that and none of the journalists reported any of the problems HEBs write about in the forums (dinged boxes, dirt inside, goodies missing, stuff not working).


I definitely believe yours was damaged by 4px, it makes the most sense. Not all of the problems mentioned can be shipping related, but most probably are. The Vs need to be packaged by Eve and sealed.


The boxes are not sealed at Emdor? Big mistake.


4PX was doing some of the packaging, which resulted in a lot of problems (AKA missing accessories, deflated pillows, etc). I don’t think they were supposed to touch the actual devices, but I don’t know.


All shipping companies at this time of year will rush things = dropping etc. The only way to avoid this is by packaging the V properly before dispatching to 4px.

From feedback, it seems like Eve packaging is not sufficient enough. Im not sure how they package things right now but obviously needs more layers.



  1. I managed to swap the M and N keys only to find out the the Oops (backspace) key is semi-stuck, so while the rest of the keyboard will type at times, it occasionally erases it on it’s own.

  2. Realized I did not get my pen.

  3. Researched the MAP error. It is due to the SSD not being detected by the EFI/BIOS. So, it looks like there is no fix for that.

Sent a support request to Eve. Was ticket #32XX…not sure when I’ll hear from them.

Trying to stay positive here. How they handle their most ardent supporters this will determine if they succeed or not. Cautiously optimistic they will do the right thing and express ship me a new unit from wherever they need to ASAP.


There is Eve employees overlooking the packaging process. I guess they need more ppl overlooking the packaging process.

Hopefully they will do engraving to new unit too … Plus they should send some bonuses as their “sorry” …

Your white box was sealed and the pen was not next to your charger?