Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working


I did already try the first but I’ll try the second. Thanks!


@Team how bad is this, people here are struggling with using your device and you don’t have a single response. I have bought a V in the beginning till now its working fine but I am scared now the day anything goes bad you guys will not be there to help. There is no trust anymore for you guys and will never buy any product from you. It would have been great if we would have bought the surface.


Doesn’t that depend on wich half of the glass you look at? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


for everyone wondering why the goodix driver failed. It is because windows made some changes in the dep and aslr. Security features. The fingerprint driver is incorrectly implemented and starts going into an infinite loop which eventually ends in a stackoverflow. This is not Eve’s fault but goodix, that hasn’t properly implemented the driver. Thus they should provide an update for it. Eve could ask them for it though.


What’s wierd is you’d think that would cause a problem on all Vs if we’re using the same driver. I’m on 1809 and I’m not seeing the issue - the fingerprint sensor is working fine for me at the moment


Weird indeed.
Anyhow with other computer brands it is the same. It is rarely that all the owners of the same computer are all bothered by the same bug.
Maybe Al may explain one day.


It’s not weird.
It depends of many variables, like do you have the pro or the home version? Do you have the same windows version?
Which package module is installed? Did you at any point uninstalled and reinstalled the driver ?
Did you update the driver by other means?
Do you shutdown you computer each time or do you put on hibernation or other ?

An infinite loop is a « cliché » in coding that occur when part of the implementation is correct but not in every case of a conditional event. Like some logic is not respected in all cases in every if it encounters.

So yes it’s certainly a bad implementation of the driver, not an error from the user. Just some good sense here guys, Microsoft if they made some changes => translation: they add some features and most certainly some conditional events in the coding just to verify the authentencity of the identity of some hardware. No one has ever seen a big release for the same OS of drivers around the world for all manufacturers these last few years.
So the assumption that everyone would have the problem is irrelevant here.
So yes, eve-tech need to ask goodie for an update of the drivers who respect the new implementation of those changes. End of story. Until then, people who get the problem need to find another way to update their driver or just avoid using it.


And to close definitely this discussion about « how about it’s maybe the user fault »… I took finally 3 minutes (even if I don’t own a YYEEEEEEETTTTT) to make some looking.
1/ one @fortress or @eve-tech should log in to hoodie support portal to get the latest update
2/ dell who is using goodix too have apparently every 6 months or so a new release of the driver apparently. The last one was 21 December.
So it’s just incompetence and bad management from eve-tech to get those updates. I really hope for them that they did sign contract that bind legally goodix to give them support so normally the support should get updates every x months for those drivers like dell.

But for those who are having the problem, you can always use the different update of the dell version. I guess there aren’t so many version of those fingerprint.
-> goodix fingerprint in Google as keyword -> 4th link in the page.


Thanks for the suggestion, but the Dell Driver does not install.
I downloaded two different versions from the dell page, extracted them and the goodix installer does not detect a goodix device.
Furthermore it is also not possible to extract the exe files to get the real driver and install it manually.

Do you have any other recommendations?


Okey so the exe wasn’t a simple extractor as usual.
Let’s try another brand. Lenovo is using goodix too we can try there.
But does anyone has the exact reference of this goodix reader from the V ?


Can someone check also if there is a sgx option in the bios or not ?