Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working


I’m having the same error code myself :frowning:


Yeah… i think most of our fingerprint scanner broke because of a windows update


Yes, I get that too (thanks everyone who helped me find the latest driver. Given that my fingerprint reader became gradually unreliable before it stopped working I do suspect a hardware fault.


So there is no real sensor fail.


Google shows recepies (for the courageous between us).


Mine refuses to work upon boot. But when you login, hit the on/off button and then wake the device again, it works.
Once the device needs to wake from a deep sleep, it refuses to work again…

I’d definitely say it’s a driver issue / Windows update incompatibility.


I am being asked by the support to reinstall the OS, i assume all that have the same issue were asked to do the same.
Did someone do it and what was the outcome?


Already tried and failed. If you still want to try I’d recommend backing up an image of your installation through a program like CloneZilla, which does it by a bit-for-bit clone of your installation and can therefore be restored after doing a fresh install if it doesn’t fix the fingerprint issue


Same here - I haven’t had time to do so yet - it’s a fairly long process and it’s not really a sufficiently important issue until I’ve got lots of time on my hands.


Im not happy to reinstall if it did not solve the issue by someone else who did, as that indicates a hw failure.
Im trying to download the image and will try to do the install in a virtual machine.


EVE support answered of one of my requests.

This solution did not work for me, but maybe for one of you?!

Here is a older driver version for the goodix fingerprint sensor:


God dammit… i reinstalled the whole system with the provided image from eve. Everything works again (my volume keys for example stopped working) EXEPT THE GOD DAMNED FINGERPRINT SENSOR.

Goodix/Eve V Fingerprint Sensor --> Go to hell…


Super annoying mate. Does the device manager says someting about it?

Aaand; Wishing the poor thing going to hellmay not give solution default_hide


Because my V is still under warranty… im really considering sending my V into eve to get the fingerprint scanner fixed… because i cant with the resources support jas provided. The only issue is, will eve will offer a temporary replacement device while my V gets fixed? Like a courtesy car that you get when you car is being serviced. Oh well.:persevere:


I think it is time for Eve to acknowledge that it is a hardware defect indeed and offer us the back to bench warranty service.


That would be incredibly brave. People have been waiting >1 year for replacement/missing peripherals, warranty units etc. It might be that they fix the fingerprint scanner quickly and return you a working device in good time, but that’s not really how any part of eve has worked up until now.


Since the latest windows update which I just got yesterday 1809 (KB4480116), my fingerprint scanner currently does not work. I got an exclamation in device manager.


Using the driver from the support page does not seem to fix it.


You may have tried it already, but “in case of”:
uninstall theGoodix driver and restart the V may do the trick;
if not, find the latest Goodix driver for exemple through the 'Iobit free driver booster or something alike.


I did already try the first but I’ll try the second. Thanks!