Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working


The latest driver (at least the latest working with my V) is:


In case of not seeing all the posts on this subject :wink:


Does anybody have a link to download v1.0.20.600 of the driver? The latest I can find anywhere (and which is on my machine) is v1.0.20.27 of 08/07/2017.


I think there are a few users that did set their system back and it did not resolve the issue


I just did a total driver remove and reinstalled 1.20.27 from Support – and it works perfectly. just remember to uninstall device and delete the driver before restarting the device and installing the driver again.


I did the same but it does not work for me. I am interested in installing the v1.0.20.600 not the v1.0.20.27 version of the driver. Does anyone have a download link?


@AML could you maybe try to extract your driver from your machine and upload it?


@doc Hmm - I’ve downloaded the driver from the support site a couple of times. I’ve also done the total removal / reinstall thing but I still end up with v1.20.27. Maybe I’ve been missing something - I’ll try again.


The driver from Eve’s site contains the (old) v1.20.27 driver. You did nothing wrong.


So, where did you lucky people get v1.0.20.600?! :imp:


Not me… Goodix support website is for a closed audience and I found no other source


There are a number of free driver update programs available (you can choose from or something alike).
Driver booster is free and made me end up with the Goodix driver.
I did not have any troubles with goodix before the update.
The driver booster updated >10 drivers, anyhow the all work.
@brightonBreezy: resetting the driver can be done by uninstalling the fingerprint reader and restarting the computer but also:
(in the device manager) by rightclick goodix device, click driver update, click I want to look on my computer, click choose from list.
The goodix driver will pop up, click an go to next.
After some information will be given on the driver (ok or failure) by a code.


Eventually one may give ‘Unknown Device Identifier’ a try (, it unearth a wealth of information about the drivers present (kind of “help I did not know tere are that many” :roll_eyes:)


Thanks @aml, I’ve no problem updating drivers it’s just finding the latest one that’s an issue here. I’ve never trusted these driver sites as they’re always loaded down with ads, etc. but I’ll try the one you suggested.

If I get clogged up with malware you’ll be talking to my lawyers :joy::rofl::joy:


A good job creating initiative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, just found this:, plenty of “goodixxes”


I got the 600 off driveridentifier, as this website is behind an account wall(it’s free tho), I’ve uploaded it to my mediafire. I promise I haven’t done anything with it, but ofcourse you’ll have to take my word for it. I think it originally came from Asus. Here’s the link

Also a tip, if you need to find drivers google the hardware ID, the Goodix FP sensor is: ACPI\VEN_GXFP&DEV_3200

It didn’t help me unfortunately but maybe someone else has luck.


Didn’t work for me either. I’ve tried about everything I can think of aside from replacing the sensor itself lol.


Same here, I start to believe it is a hardware defect.


Too many people have the issue tho. I really hope it’s not a hardware defect. I’d also like Eve to begin taking notice of this, but I doubt that’s gonna happen, maybe if we get more votes for it?

People who have not voted that this is an issue, please do so!


After installing the Driver fails with Code 10 “The process for the driver has been terminated”