Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working

Well if they can’t fix it. What are they doing for those still under warranty?

I have no idea but if Goodix doesn’t have a fix then there isn’t much they can do.

Any quick fix or workaround?

I haven’t read the whole thread, haven’t been active on the forum for a long time, came here today to see if there was anyone else with a dead fingerprint sensor. Mine worked very well when I first got my V, but it has been working more and more erratically. I thought it was a disk related issue, as I’ve had problems with windows wanting to scan my disk for errors since the very first day, and I’ve had other stuff that has been fixed by a chkdsk /f on several occasions. But today for the first time fingerprint sign in was not even an option, found the Goodix fingerprint Device stopped by windows in device manager. Sad to see that this looks like another non-fixable issue for my V at this point.

And don’t expect a solution any time soon (never), as Eve just gave up on that issue apparently.

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First you see that Goodix have to sent a driver and now it is Eve who gave up?
And don’t expect a solution any time soon (never), as Eve just gave up on that issue apparently.

As Goodix is at present not able to cure the fingerprint issues (identical issues reported from other computers too), what do you expect what Eve says? :hugs:


That why I am saying that Eve is giving up.
They don’t seem to show any more will to force Goodix to address the issue properly any more.

Don’t forget that Eve are a very small company - they will have very little leverage over Goodix. Also, if other, bigger companies can’t get the problem sorted Eve have no chance.

(BTW my FP reader doesn’t work either - even when everything is set back to how the V was delivered)


Indeed, never said the contrary btw :slight_smile:

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how about - we sold you a laptop. your contract is with us. if the laptop we sold you isn’t functional we will remedy that?


For me following worked as described before:
deinstalling including drivers in the device manager and than search for new hw in device manager , install the .300 driver for the found fingerprint device and reboot

Before I set the biometrics as shown in the link below under step 6. Dont know if it was helpfull or not:

For the moment this solution is running on my v-i5.
Fingers crossed it will work further on…

11.Oct: Some days later:
From time to time the device seems not to work for me as well.
By redoing the steps above its working for some reboots again.
So still no sustainable solution available.


Great link! Thank you !

Seems my fingerprint scanner is back to how it was before it suddenly became completely unavailable as a sign in option. It now seems to work here. Anyone else who suddenly “got their fingerprint reader back”?

After it was out for some days it came back and functions ok ever since.
Don’t ask how. Windows deeeeeeeeep learning ?

Could you check if you have a new driver Version?
Maybe through Windows Update?
Are you on a new Windows Version since then?

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yeah mine is still out but i would love to have it back

So far I see nothing really new was installed.

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I’ve just updated my computer to the latest bits as far as I can see and it’s still not working for me. I’ve got both Windows .418 and the Goodix FP driver.

Who knows now what’s going on!

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Interesting… Could you click on your “Unknown device” and see what its hardware ID is?
My goodix still has a warning sign next to it

I get this error when I try to update it to .600

perhaps it is a compatibility issue with the Serial IO driver or something as this website seems to suggest

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Zero information I’m afraid:

Thank you for your question - I never looked because apparently everything is working correctly :zipper_mouth_face:.
May be an not working USB driver, who knows.

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