Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working

It’s been confirmed to not be hardware related. I think it’s broken in the software because incompatibility with the newer bios settings.

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In this case, why would it be broken for some V users and not the rest? I suppose I’m lucky that mine (mostly) works. I’m running the latest version of Windows as well as BIOS 0.41 beta.

If Goodix can’t figure it out I doubt I’d be able to.

Hello @Team, would that be possible to have any news on the fingerprint sensor por favor?


@Team, @Konstantinos - any update on this. It’s been over 2 months since an official reply. Konsta was on top of this and now what? Come on guys, some response is needed!


Hi Dudes!

For fingerprint sensor right now the only possible fix is to reistall OS. The issue is that we don’t have enough devices to show consitent problem to goodix or emdoor. We had one device where power button fell off and thatwas hardware for few cases window reset fixed it for other there is a blame game whether its a hardware or software issue. Sorry for this. Are there any other software issues causing problems now? Ill be in china again next week.


I have done two reinstalls and neither resolved the issue, what more do you need to help diagnose the issue?


I think it would be useful if a survey would be sent out asking if people have the issue and which drivers they have installed for fp and bios and anything else that people feel could be the cause. At least that’ll give them more info on which sort or environment breaks the fp sensor.


Wholeheartedly agree!

We all have the problem, so it’s a bit funny to hear that they don’t have enough devices to “acknowledge” there is an issue that they need to work on :rofl:

With more seriousness, would that be a good idea, like @Mohammad_Hadi (or @fitzefatzefrank kind of) suggest, that the community give a bit of help?
For example I could definitely take a video of the installation process of the drivers failing again and again with any of the version of the driver we have, wether we reinstall the OS or not, specifically showing error codes through the Device/Driver Manager, etc. And would probably not be the only one able to provide some material.


Thanks Konstantinos for the update.

Does anyone know if there is any Eve specific instructions required for re-installing Windows? Since I haven’t heard any success stories around this I’m still willing to give it a shot if this is the current work around. Is there nothing else that is being done now to sort this issue as it cannot be regenerated? As @Mohammad_Hadi suggest it might be useful for Eve to do this survey to try and find similarities among those with the issue - if a firmware issue is all it is and not related to hardware.

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@Konstantinos I think, that if you need more devices with this issue you should reopen you support service again. On this moment I think it is dead. So how do you want to get new devices with any issues to solve problems.

I think this issue is directly realated to:


Hi @Konstantinos,

I did a reinstall, too. Same as the other guys here: didn’t fix the fingerprint reader problem.
Please escalate this issue! Right now I’m quite unhappy with typing in my PIN everytime I want to do a login.
As much as I understand your current priorities (making new products, sell them, get money to keep the business running), you should also understand, that only happy customers will keep on buying products from you. It’s all about trust - now please do soemthing to make us see, that your company is worthy of our trust.

Kind regards,



Hey @Konstantinos, going to assume there was no change in the situation after the China visit. I don’t think it’s fair of your manufacturer just to say that there is nothing that can be done to regenerate the issue. As part of warranty I’d happily send in the V to be looked at to see if it is an issue with the hardware or software and help them to troubleshoot this.

Editing to remove the hot fix for Wake from Sleep. Seems after the latest round of Windows updates this stopped working for me :frowning:


@Konstantinos: I would like to offer to send you mine, too. I don’t need it urgently and would be happy to help find a solution.


Sending it back to Eve sounds like a risky proposal. According to reports, you may never see your machine again!


I’d like to know what’s going on with the FP sensor too - I’m struggling a little to understand how the sensor is failing when the only real thing to have been changed is the operating system. I wonder if the problem is a Microsoft security fix which is potentially meddling with the FP driver. It might make sense why some people are OK and some aren’t; maybe everyone doesn’t get a version of Win10 installed with these patches. Just a guess though. I’d debug the problem if I had the code/time/inclination however “oops, something went wrong” is almost as useless as not reporting a problem.

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In terms of warranty, what is Eve doing for people that have fingerprint sensor issues? Mine worked really well at first but slowly started getting worse. It was very inconsistent on if it was going to work then after an update it seemed to work better. But now it has gotten worse again.

It may be a Windows or Goodix problem that they can’t fix. I believe there are other laptops using the Goodix FP reader that have had issues as well.

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