Goodix fingerprint scanner - not working


Who is affected by the finger print scanner being disabled by Windows OS?
Have you found a fix for it?


Mine isn’t working since a few weeks. Haven’t found a fix so far.


Thanks for the feedback. I found at least one other user with the same issue. So we are not alone.


Hi guys! I’m sorry you are having this situation.

It once happened for my prototype and based on what I learned online that time, it has sometimes happened for other products too.

Please contact our support team through Support – for assistance in technical issues :wink:

They might take some time to answer, but they will!


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the answer.

Well, I tried to go through support of course. First via email, without answer for long time. Then over the web interface and it took only a bit over a week to get the initial request for a video.

The only answer they came up so far is to completely reinstall Windows and therefore destroy the valuable calibration of the monitor. That means basically changing one issue against another. Also I am not sure if this actually fixes the issue. The issue appeared before Windows upgraded, so the upgrade is not the root cause.

It would be interesting to learn how they fixed your issue.


I fixed it.
Went into device manager and selectes the goodfix drive. Although it’s still wishy woshy.


Thank you.

I did the same, uninstalled the device and reinstalled the drivers but that did not fix it


Check this topic. This worked perfectly for me to gat the calibration back.

I also have the fingerprint sensor annoying me a bit and I’ll try reinstalling Windows this weekend. I can write you a “how to” and tell you my experience, if you wish.


Thanks, let us know how it worked. I get the feeling that there are plenty of users looking for a fix.


What’s the driver version of the fingerprint scanner that’s failing? (Just in case it’s a driver update that’s causing the problem). I see it’s on “Intel® Serial IO SPI Host Controller - 9D2A”, so the driver for that might have an impact too.


Any support forum makes any problem seem bigger than it actually is.

Basically, remember that there’s a massive number of V owners who don’t have this problem who don’t feel the need to hang out on the support forum just to say “I don’t have this problem”.

There were at least 2000 Vs shipped in the IGG campaign. Even if we say 50% of that was returned /refunded, the 10 or so people who have reported having this problem on the forum make up like <1% - maybe 2% maximum - of V users, easily within margins of error and just random Windows retardedness.

It’s really hard to fix a problem if it’s not early replicable.


Hi Phil, yes the location is correct. The dirver version is It seems to be the most actual one.


Mine just stop working. I think it’s completely dead. It raises another question on the quality of the Eve V itself.


Sorry to hear that. Can you check if the fingerprint scanner is disabled by Windows? When you go into the device manager on biometric devices you will probably see the Goodix Fingerprint Scanner with a warning signal. If this is the case you are affected by the same issue as the rest of us


You’re right. There is a warning sign with the device in Device Manager.

It thought it was a driver issue and went to Eve V support page to download the latest driver which just released last month.

I think it’s now completely not working as Windows 10 is not able to detect the device and has disabled my Windows Hello.

Poor thing. I’m very sad now.


You are not alone. @SyrtakiVampir tries to re-install his V this weekend. If it works (and he manages to keep the calibration) we found a solution for all of us


Might be Tuesday or Wednesday until I manage to do it. Weekend was busier than I thought :sweat_smile:


If this is not done yet, try to un-install the driver with the warning sign. Through a restart the driver is reinstalled by Windows.:hugs:


Have you actually tried this before?

The fingerprint sensor somehow is not detected by Windows thus it will not be installed unless you install the driver manually unlike other hardware.

I could be wrong. Anyone can confirm this?


I guess, it depends on how you uninstall it. Usually, if you’re not ticking the box that removes the driver completely, windows just reinstalls the driver during the restart afaik.