GOOD One liner update 08.12



Hi Dudes!

Ill keep it short and to the point! :dart:

1. 1200 Limited bird Vs are already produced!:fireworks:

  • Plan is to produce some more tomorrow and ship them next week making sure 4px doesn’t mess it up so they come in time for Christmas! :christmas_tree:
  • The rest is targeted to be produced next week and shipped asap as well!
  • 1TB SSD is targeted to arrive next week!

2. Hyper Early Bird devices are now on their way! :dizzy:

  • US guys have been sent a tracking number
  • Guys from the EU (UK warehouse) received second tracking number that 4px created. Now the packages are properly packed and ready to go!
  • Canada should be getting devices tomorrow or early next week.
  • only few people might not have tracking yet but no need to worry we will provide those asap too!


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Good news!

How’s 4px doing? Today I received the cut off time of US express deliveries for Christmas. Hope all those devices could arrive on time.


Great news and thanks for prompt update to reassure over weekend.

You might even get some downtime as well!


NICE! love you team… sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news, how will eve decide where to ship first?


That’s odd - that usually isn’t until December 13th (or so) in my experience. Maybe the delivery guys (DHL, etc) are experiencing heavier volumes of packages this year.


Tossing a coin could be the fairest way I guess. image


Good news. Waiting with my brand new tracking number if today something happens


Sorry, I meant I got the dates from the warehouse I am using now

For example the cutoff of Fedex is 19th for express saver, 20th for 2days and 21st for overnight.


Hey since it looks like Canada was one of the last places to get their HEB shipments, how about making Canada the FIRST destination for LB shipments?


Hey, I’ve gotta try.

Great update, glad people have been getting their Vs. Makes me all the more anxious for mine. If I don’t get it by Christmas I’ll be disappointed, but I know it’s coming in a more “concrete” way given that the HEBs are in the middle of the process now. I’m sure I speak for others when I say that there’s always “nervousness” about crowd-funding, and thus it’s good when people GET the devices. That takes away a lot of nerves of other supporters. So since that’s happened/happening (not just press/review copies), that calms my nerves quite a bit.

I can wait a little longer, though I don’t want to!



Australia, Sri Lanka and India are last, I think.

No pushing into the line or cheating here please.

Yes it’s great to see people getting their hands on their V’s at last!!


Is the limited bird Vs include last flash sale?


how about ppl in Hong Kong :slight_smile:

I backed some projects that were made in China but I always have to wait longer than backers who are further away.


No - that is early next year as per orginal advice


No, not included… but in this rate of production, you should be optimistic


Thanks for the update and also for the good for the LB. I’m so hype to finally to receive my V. That is reassuring news for the LB.


I’m from Canada (Quebec) and received my tracking number on Wednesday morning but the package was just picked up today by Fedex and delivery is expected for next Wednesday… I’m really excited to finally get my V but I think @Team should ask questions and expect clear answers/compensation from 4px/DHL/Fedex regarding delays in shipping. You guys said you paid for express shipping methods, but it clearly wasn’t! By looking at timeline to ship a package with the same weight specs as the V across Canada, shipping today would have delivery Monday or Tuesday… I wish luck to the LB for receiving their V’s before Christmas!


Not really important right now but the email I got has terrible mail merge or template setup.

It says Eve Person instead of just Eve

The greeting is:
Hi , <- customer name didn’t properly fill

The signature says Eve Store with no name. Which is it, Eve Person or Eve Store?


I’m a limited bird. How do I know whether I am going to receive my V this week or next?


guess something was broken

My mail (all the three i have gotten from backerkit for the tracking)

Hi xxxx,
Your order for Eve V: The First-Ever Crowd Developed Computer has a tracking number!
Track your packages on BackerKit
Team Eve