Good news - device actually repaired under warranty

Yesterday I received my Eve V (i5 16/512 retail) back after repair for a failed power switch under warranty. I’m pleased to report everything is looking good - at this point, no faults, cosmetic or otherwise. The battery has either been replaced or is at least in very good condition still.

It did take them 454 days from the time they received it until I got it back, and there was a period of 273 days where they failed to respond to me at all or update the ticket, but they did get there.

So… congratulations?


Oh my god that is horrendous. Did warranty support provide any explanation for this woeful response time?


Not really. Initial delays in getting shipping information were unexplained. Then there was a period of no response before an update saying that the emerging Covid situation in mainland China was making logistics hard from HK (and that’s fair enough, though letting me know could have happened much sooner. This was early March 2020.
After that was the unresponsive period. From April 4th through to December 1st there was no contact from them at all. When I did finally get an update, it just said “We must apologize for the delay in the answer and to keep you waiting.”
Between those dates, nothing was happening with my device. Eve received it January 23rd, and claim it was repaired in December 2020. It was mid-February before I got another update about shipping, though it came with an expectation of delay due to Chinese New Year.


I am waiting for the replacement of my keyboard for around one year. The last answer I got is that the keyboard will ship in the first few days of March. But I still got no package or at least a tracking number.

Edit: Also a warranty case.

Fingers crossed then. I’d continue to push - eventually it may just work out.

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