Good Deal?....... What do you think?


I found this deal and thought of you!
Samsung Galaxy Book 12" 256GB Windows Tablet $969

Good deal?..



You thought of me?

How nice of you, but I must ask why do you think of me?

And the Galaxy is not a patch on the Eve V.

It was very badly rated by TechRadar as a A tantalising but troubled 2-in-1 device
If you’re not able to make liberal use of Samsung’s phone-exclusive syncing and biometric login features via Samsung Flow, there aren’t many compelling reasons to pick up the Galaxy Book over similarly-priced competitors.

I would have thought that you have better things to do than post this and in the wrong place as well.

Thank goodness for Alexander!
He has moved it to the right place where nobody will see this silly crap now.


not meant for you…