Ghost Touches When coming out of Sleep


I’ve only had this happen once a few days ago. Had to do a hard reset. I haven’t seen this happen on my SP4. Only on the V.


Thanks to let me know! :grinning:

Hope eve team will provide such screen calibration tool for screen troubleshootings. :slightly_smiling_face:


Update from me: This hasn’t happened to me for the past 8 days: If I put it in sleep mode I now don’t close the keyboard against it (it doesn’t seem to want to stay asleep like that anyway). If I am storing it like that (particularly if in a bag or on charge), then I put it into hibernate instead of sleep.

Tip: To add Hibernate to the shutdown menu options: Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable > Checkbox Hibernate.


This hadn’t happened for a few days, but it has today. It seems to coincide with then I carry the V in my hand with the keyboard lid shut. Restarting seems to be the only solution :frowning:


Seems the issue just disappear for me, haven’t encounter any this days!


When I get ghost touches, I’ve found that closing and opening (partially/sometimes fully) ‘fixes’ it.


After a bit of research, I found a Microsoft support page for the Surface 4 and Surface Pro describing a similar problem. The fix there is to a download that includes a touch calibration tool. I’m hesitant to try it since it’s described as very device-specific. Has anyone tried something like this? Does Eve have a similar tool we could use instead?


I used a Sony recalibration tool to get rid of heavy ghosting on a sp3pro.
Never had any ghosting again.
But that tool is for Sony screens.
Dare to use it on a V? NO!


This does sound familiar. A number of people (including me) also had ghost touches on the Sony Vaio Duo 11, though only in the top-left-hand corner. N-trig provided new drivers for the Duo, and it worked fine after that. So, hopefully Eve will be able to provide a fix.


same here… i can’t eve do anything for minutes including closing tabs.


i only get about four ghost touches.


Same here, actually I thought the first times that I pressed the bluetooth mouse button. Could it be that it is only occuring if a bluetooth mouse is connected in addition to the V keyboard (and its touchpad)? Somehow I don’t think that it has to be touches (at least I don’t see any touchpoints rather than clicks).


I’ve had the same - waking up from sleep with only the keyboard attached, and the screen was showing 2 rows of multi ghost touches at the top. Took a reset to get it back to life. Happened twice, and I contacted eve support - who sent me a link to update the touch screen driver. It hasn’t reoccurred since.

Video clip of it occurring -


I no longer have this issue once I edit my option to hibernate for closing the lid or power button while on batt but takes a while for device to wake up longer.


I updated to the newest Touch panel drivers and never have this problem since.
Though, I rarely put the V in sleep since I prefer to put it in hibernation using the power button.
Reviving it is like, what? 10 seconds? I can live with that.


Did that. Still getting the same ghost touches


For me this is not happening only when the device wake up from sleep but also when the device is not sleeping and I move it with the cover, keyboard, close… Very annoying…
So no choice, when I move (living room to bedroom) I have to keep it open or no choice to reboot it…


Same. Sometimes i can kinda rectify th problem by using the pen


Ugh! this happened to me for the first time yesterday. Had to reboot to get rid it :persevere:


I had the same issue whenever i close flap and reopen it. Many a times it resolves for me by just disconnecting and attaching the keyboard back. But just like other users mentioned that had to reboot other times.