Ghost Touches When coming out of Sleep


Sometimes when I’m coming out of sleep, the screen shows multiple touch circles as if I’m pressing on it with multiple fingers at one time. Eventually those disappear and the touchscreen just won’t work at all. Anybody else having this issue?

Simple workaround script for V keyboard not going to sleep

I’ve run into this problem as well. It only seems to only come up when I have my mouse connected (Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse 41U5008 in case it’s helpful).


I can’t confirm this. I got the ghost touches several times and i have never used an extermal mouse.


I had this happen once to me today, and I discovered that if you touch the screen with all ten fingers at once it resets the driver and fixes it (a restart may be required to full usability).


I have the same problem when my bluetooth mouse is connected!


For me, with my SP3 it’s about screen digitizer has been pushed by Battery bulging from heat when charging with high load tasks. :sweat_smile:

Just share my experience from other hardware. :smiley:


Have the same but without any additional devices. Just plain V when it comes out of sleep has this issue most of the time :confused:


Last night I put it to sleep and closed the keyboard (thinking it was in sleep mode) but it lost over 50% battery overnight so I suppose it wasn’t?

When I woke up this morning I opened it to see this problem - it was acting as though there were 10 fingers placed across the screen and they wouldn’t go away until I rebooted (I didn’t try touching with 10 fingers to reset it, I’ll try that next time).

I had no other devices attached, just the keyboard. The V was in its zip case and did not feel particularly warm when I got it out to use.

I took a little video of it:



I just closed the keyboard against the screen (which made the screen go off and seems as if it’s supposed to make it sleep? I have default power settings - lid down = sleep. I also have it set to always disable wifi when in sleep mode. I’m confused whether sleep mode works at all really as it always comes back on so instantly however I do it?)

So, I set the V down like that (keyboard folded), and about 15 minutes later I noticed when I ran my hand along the metal back of the V it was a little warm (it was still on, doing some downloads), and it felt really odd to the touch, like a field of fuzzy static electricity was running over the whole thing. That went away as soon as I unplugged it. Has anyone else noticed that when it’s plugged in? I did a Google search and found people talking about a similar feel on their Macbook when that is plugged in - they said it can happen when the power supply is not grounded properly.

Anyway, I opened the V up after that to check on it and once again had all the ghost touches, plus other visual glitches related to that. Bit worrying it had not been left alone very long at all and this was happening. The ghost touching prevented me from doing most things, and was randomly activating things all over the screen. I tried pressing with all 10 fingers to reset it but nothing worked, I had to hold the power button down to force it off to make these ghost touches go away.

I did another video:

I think I’ll try not putting the keyboard against the screen for a while unless it’s completely off, then see if I have any of these issues when it’s not stored like that vs when the keyboard is attached.


Got it once last night, not sure why though.


Yep, I had this when I shut the keyboard with the device on. It went to sleep and on wake I had circles all over the screen and couldn’t click on much. (


Damn, it keep coming back on my V & putting my 10 fingers doesn’t do anything at all…:disappointed_relieved:


Same here, with or without a mouse :confused:


Getting these ghost touches too when waking from sleep. All I had connected was the V keyboard and the power adapter. :frowning:


I had this problem the first 2 or 3 times my V went to sleep. The keyboard was attached every time. After the initial round of Windows updates I haven’t had it happen again yet.


I’ve got the same problem!


For my SP3 change the screen or change the battery is the solution, either Digitizer or battery interfere with the input.

It’s kind a spooky when suddenly “something” try to close my work. :ghost: (Digitizer of my far right screen kinda wonky.)


Did eve published an update? I haven’t got this problem since 2 weeks anymore


Had it today, almost always get it, have to restart the unit to get touch or keyboard working again without glitch


My SP3 hopeless ghosting was totally cured by the Sony touch panel calibration tool.
Warning: this is done on a SP3, with a Sony screen (I suppose because it cured the screen).

The V does not have a Sony screen, so do not use it on the V unless you really know what you are doing!!

Question: is there some similar calibration file around for the V screen?