Getting the V, should I wait?

^This. Simply put: get the V if you can wait.

If the V production wasn’t delayed, I’d unreservedly recommend it over any competing 2 in 1. The device itself is great.

Unless they put 8th gen U processors (which have 4 cores instead of 2) in 2 in 1s, the Y processor in the V is still best in class and still kicks ass.


The website says available now with June/July shipping, does anyone know a shipping timeline or has anyone odered one recently?
If I do get it I’d put in my order by the end of May. I’m starting school in September so I’d like to have it by then, however if its worth the wait I’ll hold out and just use it for work. Thanks for the feedback!

The website says one thing but people in this forum are quite vocal in saying not to trust the shipping estimator.

Link below is one forum who had purchased the V back in December 2017 and still has not received their V even though it was predicted that the devices would be delivered by March 2018.

[Getting the V, should I wait?]

Not intent to pull you off but if you order now it is not quite possible to see your device by June/July. Given that large bunch of customers ordered at Dec 4, 2017 and still waiting for June delivery, and the certainty about the delivery is unknown.

I would strongly suggest that you carefully read the forums before purchasing a Eve V.


Can you show me the newer Y-processor by Intel? Or at least, when they plan to release one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They launched 10nm on low volume, there is a new laptop with an i3 out but it’s absolute crap.
A 14nm cpu will perform better.

Intel actually did released updated versions of the m3 and i5 last year–the m3-7y32 and the i5-7y57–that are slightly better than the versions in the Eve V. Not significant by any means, but they are technically newer than the V’s processors.

They just look like different binning of the same CPU tbh.

But you’re technically right, they are *newer*. Lol.

Yes, I second this — read the forum very carefully — all the positive reviews about the V are buried under all the salt!

Make sure you check the V - User Experiences category!


Wait. Customer support is not up to par yet.

When you say ‘streaming’, do you mean streaming up to places like Twitch or streaming content down such as Netflix, YouTube etc?


The processor is ‘old’ in the historic cycle of Intel processors. If one is looking for the latest ‘Y’ in this area I’d hold off now especially if one is happy to explore alternatives and budget is not a concern as the OP stated.

only wait if you’re OK with the shipping estimation.
my estimation for example:

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Agreed, and we’ve got them running at 7W too, and you’re given the freedom to change lower or increase it based on whether you prioritize battery life over performance or vice versa.

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I don’t know veefae, I think the surface pro will be a better choice , I don’t hate the eve v but it’s just the truth . The V pen is good but not good enough since ur using ur 2-in-1 for artworks I would highly recommend the surface the pen its just so much better and it even has its own apps unlike the V , is pretty sure u get paint 3D and many other apps that you will need to pay for if u go for the v . And for streaming , u get better specs with the surface and a screen just as good as the v and as for schoolwork the surface comes with the latest versions of PowerPoint , Word , Excel and some additional juicy stuff.

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IMO, look for something with 8th-gen processor. For me, it was HP Spectre x360 13" that replaced V. For light work 7th-gen isn’t that bad, but with only two cores you certainly cannot think about it as a device that can handle multitasking or some more demanding tasks demanding more performance than web browsing or email.
A 2in1 from HP (from 8GB to 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD) and a 50€ pen will fit your needs as an ultrabook with decent hardware and good pen capabilities.

Hey friend, the evaluation is correct for a atom or chrome-book.
The V is way beyond that.
See this copy from Wickedly and Antony Therece’s post’s:
“Unless they put 8th gen U processors (which have 4 cores instead of 2) in 2 in 1s, the Y processor in the V is still best in class and still kicks ass”.

“Agreed, and we’ve got them running at 7W too, and you’re given the freedom to change lower or increase it based on whether you prioritize battery life over performance or vice versa. is way beyond that”.

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I agree on battery life/performance balance. If you want more battery than go right ahead. But, I’ve seen many reviews of the V, including the one from LTT which showed the real battery life of the V. Linus says in his review that the battery is ok, but nothing more than that, and that is despite having this Y processor. With that information, I am not that certian about V’s battery goodness.
Now, I don’t remember which LTT video was that, but in one of them, Linus compared a Surface Laptop (7th-gen processor) with other laptop (8th-gen processor). And I totally agree with him, when he says that, with such great performance change with 8th-gen you just can’t look back on Surface Laptop until it’s not updated.
(For me it was especially important, as this difference is clearly seen in Blender render test)

Bottom line then: I’m not criticising the V for it’s performance and/or battery. For quick bursty loads it’s probably great, but in my case, I just cannot afford (literally) such great risks that Eve puts its customers in.

The differences between 7-gen Y and 8-gen Y are very marginal. V = Intel 7-gen Y

Surface does not have an Intel Y processor —> careful about comparing apples and pears.

Please verify (hope I’m not wrong)

Yes, that’s right, we can’t compare apples to pears just like Y to U processors. However, what we can do is to compare users’ needs. All I’m saying is that you may be disappointed when using your V for something more demanding. But the main reason for implementing Y processors was its low power consumption, right? Well, unfortunately, that isn’t the case at all, at least in many reviews I’ve came across.
And besides, I don’t want to be paying more than a better HP option for an older hardware that probably isn’t going to fulfill all of my needs. And let’s not even begin to talk about later technical support.

So, that’s my opinion.