Getting the official Chrome-os as Dual boot on the V


Hi everybody,

Introducing myself (you can jump that part)
I discovered your project and this community yesterday on Dave 2D.
Well, you can say that this collaborative/open philosophy to crowd develop product(s) got me excited!
I was searching for a chromebook. Now I’m considering getting the V.
I got Macs (osx), PCs (windows) and android devices. Meaning, I am not an O.S. cultist.
But, I like choice, and I have my preferences. Those preferences follow a pattern: I want light, simple, clean, responsive stuff. So, to my suggestion now.

Would your community and founders open to this idea :
Getting Google to allow the V to get official support to be able to boot as a real Chromebook.
I know there is a workaround to install a Chromium source with Neverware. But you don’t have access to the android app store and there are other limitations that defeat the purpose in my view.

I don’t know if/how this would be possible or hard to put in place.
Does this idea interests more of you than only me ? :wink:



If that would be come true, I definitely would try it out. It could be interesting for some android games to play natively on the V. But I couldn’t imagine another use case than games… Anything else you also have on windows I guess.