Get your hands on Final V! Eve Community Meetup Hong Kong



Hi Community!

@Blowfish had a brilliant idea to have a meetup+livestream in HK!

So how about we have a meetup in Hong Kong!?

Me, @Xinjie and @myien will be in Hong Kong on Friday evening 22nd of September. We are flying back from Taipei on that day (we will be having supplier meetings there)

So to summarize:

What: Community meetup with Eve Team and Final V with Sharp screen.
When: Friday, 22nd of September at around 9pm in Hong Kong
Where: Hong Kong (exact location TBD later)
Why: Get your hands on V, grab drinks with Eve Team and punch me if you like :stuck_out_tongue:
How to join Send me an email with your phone no, name and t-shirt size to

Will you join the meetup?

  • Yes definitely
  • No I can’t (not based in HK or busy on that time)
  • Other

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Very excitred guys! If you tell us in advance who is coming we will prepare T-Shirts as well!

You can read about the livestream here:

Tiny Liner Mini Update [14.09]
Community Digest 15.09
One liner update [01.09]

wow awesome idea! shame i don’t live in HK, tho my parents do, perhaps I’ll send them over haha jokes


is the event open to anyone interested? I’d like to join but I’m no backers or EBs… :thinking:


You don’t have to be a backer. Just signup and have fun :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Anyone interested!


I would love to punch you in Hong Kong :rofl: but you would need to pay the flights… Believe me, it would be worth your money. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin:

Otherwise, maybe I can punch you some day in Berlin. :facepunch:


Super pumped… See you all…


Argg… Not free that day :disappointed:
Have fun :joy:


@Jatin_Chandwaney @Lukas_Fikr @tsangk69 @danny14hk @Jay_Yip @TCC @Blowfish @BetaMadMax @jpmyhouse @Remy_Ruiz @Vincent_Lam @TechieWeirdo

Please provide me your details asap so I can get you Tshirts. Send the details to my email


Oh man, he will punch hard, if he’s super pumped :stuck_out_tongue:


I have done so Boss @Konstantinos, unless you haven’t received them…


@SyrtakiVampir Hahaha…


Thank you sir!

I’ll get Eve Helmet!


Oh man, you guys get free t shirts?!

Another example of possible > fair? Hahahahaha


Huh? We can buy shirts already? What’s the design and price? Also price of 1TB?


No!!! I’m on business trip and not back yet!!! Have fun guys!!! Super jealous!


I would love to join this meet up. But too bad I wont be in hk until mid Oct…

Really want to put my hands on one.

@Konstantinos What’s up with ur YouTube channel? Would you mind to shoot us some videos for this finalized v? I’m sure a lot of people want to sneek peek a bit. Thx!


Hi @Captain_Noah!

I’ll show V from all the sides in the livestream next Friday so make sure to join. You will be able to watch it afterwards as well.

@Mohammad_Hadi we will open T-shirt sales and SSD once we have exact delivery date. So expect to see t shirt sales to open after the livestream next Friday.


@Konstantinos will Mr. engraving be there too? :stuck_out_tongue:


finally HK…
am I too late to join the party? :sob: