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The challenge we face growing exotic vegetation around here is the same as other high altitud locations. If you have enough water you have to consider radiation. During the cold season at night under the right circumstances (clear skies, no wind) outer space will absorb heat from anything exposed. During the day due to the thinner atmosphere the sun’s rays are harsher and burn more than at lower elevations.
You can alleviate this by installing some kind of shade but I personally don’t like the artificial look of a shade in a natural environment.
Your recommendation for a thick layer of mulch is a must especially for dry climate. the sugar cane provides a curtain against radiation and the papaya and plantain seam to get along great.
I could go on and on about what I have learned about introducing exotic plant to my environment but that would be boring to others not interested. If you really want to cultivate exotics, the smart thing to do is build a greenhouse and give your plants their proper environment.

I’m sure other members of our community have some interesting or pretty pictures of their yards or surroundings and would want to share them with us.


I’m just outside London in UK near a town called Banstead


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Slogan: “Make the garden green again”, adapted from a well known American citizen.
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