Garden photo's and so on, totally off topic


Sweet! Thanks for following up on that. Mine haven’t lipsticked yet but now I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll post once they do.


Profile cat is a ~30y old painting copied from a b/w photo in a magazine… :wink: (when I still painted with real paint, instead of digital like now :smiley: ).
BW[beedouble-u] = the cat on the photo here is an 8 year old cat :smiley:


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don’t panic, it will end up in the junk garden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You may want to Google “how to care for the lipstick plant” or something alike.


I met the profile elephant on a rainy afternoon while driving my old (cabriolet :roll_eyes:) Volkswagen Iltis.
As long as the elephant ears will not stand out there is no need to fly away --> time to take a photo (no zoom on the camera).


My new house, very family orientated and kid friendly!


Came home to this last night. :grinning:


Where are those gnomes and fairies?

Nice garden, very dreamy! :fairy:


The poor plant “saw shame” and quickly put its lipstick on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love it! where are you? (just curious b/c of the green, not b/c I intend to visit :smiley: )


I am not in Mexico right now and don’t have pictures of the native area with me so I could share. In this area of Mexico the most impressive blooms happen in spring before the rainy season (from the Huisache and Mesquite ). As soon as I find some pictures of my garden in Mexico I will post them here to share with the community.


I just ran across this picture. It is from spring of last year and does not show the general vegetation of the region but is what you normally see around here.

And yes it is in my back yard.


Looking great! :heart_eyes:
And a question: Any idea were the big leave stretching beyond the left margin belongs to (banana?) ?


Don’t have a garden, just kilometers of wood an agriculture around our house… took that picture yesterday when I had a walk in our wood…


Autumn is coming, beautiful (but poisonous) Hans &Gretchen mushrooms.


Good eye! Yes it is a banana plant. It is the only survivor of five plants that I brought back from a trip down to the coast. Bananas don’t do well around here but this one is still hanging on.


Right, it looks a bit struggling over there.

As temperature is probably not the limiting factor, has it enough water to its disposition?


Yea, water is a precious commodity around here most of the year. During the rainy season we get plenty but then it dries up during winter and spring. If I manage my water resources properly I have enough water for my needs. I try to give my plants as much as they need.
Temperature is another story. It is not uncommon to have around 0 deg. C in the early mourning and then up to 25 or 30 deg. C at midday. That is very harsh on tropical plants.
The way I have a few exotic plants in my yard is by trying to use microclimate zones. It takes luck and effort but if you like lush vegetation (like you have) it is worth it.
That banana plant, two papaya trees and some sugar cane stalks have survived three years in that zone so I hope to keep then for some time.


To reduce the night 0°C effects you could cover the feet of the bananas (and why not the papayas / sugar canes) with a substantial layer of straw / leave mulch. It will help to keep moisture too and will enhance the the micro-climate zones.
May be you did this already ever since. . . :thinking: