Games booting in Black and White in 4K with HDR on


So after installing the latest deathloop update, booting into it with HDR on will cause the game to appear black and white.
If you close it before it reaches the main menu, you’ll return to the desktop with colour, if you close it after it reaches the main menu, the desktop will appear black and white too.

Interestingly I noticed the splash screens don’t appear with HDR on either.

It’s also the only HDR game causing this. Can boot into Destiny 2 fine. Currently connected to monitor from my 3090 PC via DP cable.

Anyone else getting this issue or any advice to fix it?
Turning HDR off fixes it, but I’d rather use the HDR.


interesting. i had black and white color issue when watching movies on my xbox one x but with firmware 104 it fixed that problem. Gaming wise on my pc i dont have any of those issues. i have a rtx 3070 ko oc using a hdmi 2.1 certified cable. have you tried using a hdmi 2.1 cable? Have you done any display and color calibrating in windows?

Nope haven’t done any colour calibration on it. Should also add I’m on W11. Last time I tried Deathloop pre patch too (and also on W10) it booted in colour fine, so strange it’s happening now.

ah you have windows 11 now. you might have lingering old windows 10 files that may be causing issues. so in windows 11 do a storage clean and see it that might’ve help. How to reclaim space after upgrading to Windows 11 | Windows Central if that doesnt do anything then i dont know what to think of next that might help fix this issue. GL

Looks like the old Windows folder already got deleted but deleted the rest anyway.
I did also try deleting the config file for deathloop which did make it boot in colour, but it was in 1080p. Setting to 4K again still retained colour and worked, then I exited to Windows and found the desktop was black and white and booting deathloop again was black and white again.

Not sure whether to blame the DL update, W11 or the monitor at this point. I have heard of things going black and white for the monitor before but this is the first time I’ve seen it.

UPDATE: OK just tried Far Cry 6 instead and same thing. So doesn’t look like a Deathloop only issue. Narrows down to W11, monitor issue or maybe even latest GPU driver, but not seeing widespread reports about it.

UPDATE 2: Believe I’ve managed to fix it using DDU to wipe 3090 drivers and installing the last version 472.12
Now it seems to boot in colour on Deathloop and Far Cry 6 (though Deathloop still has the splash screen issue not appearing but I can deal with that ha) so either latest Nvidia deiver causes it (which others could confirm?) or my drivers in general seemingly caused it.

UPDATE 3: Yup latest Nvidia driver to blame. Installed latest version again and black and white screen appeared again. So Nvidia/Monitor issue I guess?


This has nothing to do with old files, Win 10 Vs 11, drivers or specific vendors as it happens with AMD as well as Nvidia and Xbox. It’s a known issue with the monitor that they’ve been able to replicate in multiple ways and in multiple games. They’re working on a fix.

Well in my case, the new driver being installed caused the issue and the last driver doesn’t, its a question of if the driver is the root cause or the monitor.
Monitor does have some issues though, such as black screening periodically now, so I’m more inclined to believe its the monitor/firmware to blame at the moment.

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The fact that it happens with both Nvidia and AMD as well as consoles indicates to me it’s the monitor as the cause.

Unless the issue has multiple causes but the same end affect which sounds like a nightmare to fix :smiley: