"Game Mode" preset for Next-gen consoles (PS5/Xbox Series X|S)

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I am not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere but, I am asking anyway. I presume there is current testing going on regarding both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on to our beloved “Spectrom” to iron out any potential issues. My question, what is the possibility of having two profile settings or one, for both PS5 and Xbox Serirs X|S stored/saved as a part of the monitor’s “firmware” based on EVE’s testing and findings. A Gaming Mode preset. This could be very helpful for all the not tech-savvy buyers to have a “plug and play solution” or a basis to tweak upon for those who have the know-how.



What would the game mode even do? TVs normally do a lot of processing to make movies look better, e.g. frame interpolation, edge sharpening and boosted saturation on bright colours without affecting skin tones. Game mode (should) turn all of that off to reduce the amount of input lag.

But monitors don’t do any of that anyway, they’re almost always built to have low input lag regardless of settings, to the point that most TVs can’t match them even in game mode.

Unless you have some other tweaks in mind?


Some monitors do have the same sort of setting to further reduce input lag. Definitely more common in TVs though.