Frequent liner update 30.11



Master888 has years of experiences


It may have earned him some grey hairs though. :rofl:


No, it hasn’t. No news = nothing has happened. LB delivery will not happen this year, but earliest in January. There’s just no time to produce and ship them, as China is swamped with shipments and HEB already took 2 weeks to ship weeks before the main rush. In January there’s Chinese holidays, so it’ll take it’s toll also. Maybe mid or end of January?


Also don’t comment with info that is not accurate or actually confirmed in any way.

Chinese new year is Feb 16th by the way.


If only confirmed information is allowed in this forum as you say, why are you then commenting everything without any facts? ie this discussion and many about tracking numbers and pickups.

Sorry about the holidays. I remembered wrong as it’s been a year ago. Christmas and new year will probably affect production as well though.


And I almost started panicking and looking for updates I might have missed because suddenly the people began estimating February. :sweat_smile:


Christmas should not affect production, as iirc its not a holiday in China.
New years I’m not sure.

CNY is the real production blocker, may affect production for a whole month.


Christmas is public holiday in HK, 25 & 26 are off


any updates on shipping, especially with hdd upgrades? Thanks!!



You can find the most recent update here, and more information will be made available in future updates.