Frequent liner update 30.11



Are you talking about the sbpp ?
sbpp = second batch poor people, to be distinguished from the mrb’s
mrb = monday running buyers (off course)


For europe
V was in DHL london wherehouse a 8.30AM
i just get my tracking number
almost there


Congrats! Still hoping for an update on my order to Europe. Nothing so far :frowning:


what’s your country ?


Heya many!

I messaged you with further details! :slight_smile:


Just an idea for marketing and confidence building:

  • I would be very interested to learn how the production process is ramping up, say a regular update on the average number of devices produced per day, if possible depicted in a graph. Based upon the data from the past, such a graph could start from november, not?


I would love to have such a number.
However, still no info on status of my HEB 1TB order.
Pre-Xmas? I mean delivery ?


It would also be good to have a production tracker, so that you can the progress of different components and processes.


Whilst this would be interesting info, may I ask for what purpose do you intend to use this? I ask this because whilst eve have given a pretty much unprecedented level of access to their operations, some things are really for internal use only and not for public dissemination.


Curious about tracking info for USA orders. (I was order #15). Haven’t gotten a tracking number as of now.


Check out this thread!


I think this kind of information is best kept secret and away from the prying eyes of competitors.

I certainly don’t think it would be wise to have such information shared in the public domain.

And it would make no difference to our lives if we knew it or not.


Just get DHL on phone the warehouses print the number in london but nothing else, V havent been collected yet they still stuck at the warehouses and DHL don’t have order to pick them up for delivery …
it’s sad to know your V is ready to be shiped since 2 days but its waiting someone to say “you can send it go”

The HEB Shipping Corner

Many EU people have had DHL pickup the device yesterday and today. So they have the orders and are doing pickups


Emailed support about my tracking number and all I got was a link to the Wired article that said “In early November, devices started to ship to Eve’s earliest backers.” Pretty sure that’s not true, because I was order number 15. :frowning:


Has the production for LB backers started ?


they don’t manufacture or ship by order number…


Don’t know if production has started but it doesn’t look like they will be shipping out LB’s this week so that means the end of next week at the earliest which means they should arrive Dec. 27-30th time frame at best.


There are logistics companies that specialize AND have agreements to move international freight through various countries customs procedures. Obviously EVE is not using or does not have a competent one.


Totally - 4px has dropped the ball here imo.

Anyone ever used any other logistics companies we could “suggest” they switch to? :wink:

especially ones that work out of China - it seems like that place is unique in the world of logistics!