Frequent liner update 30.11



Merry Christmas my fd


Oh tracking number where art thou?


To be in a local warehouse, or not to be in a local warehouse. That is the question.

…although for many now is the winter of discontent I am grateful for this update. Thanks. Hopefully not long to wait now for the HEBs.


Soon I am become V, the destroyer of Surfaces


I’m sure everyone in here is wondering which local warehouses already have them already (USA?).


Soon you become a stone, still waiting for V


I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of V and knowing V


Hey, not sure which Warehouse will be used for shipping of LB to Trinidad, but is there any way to ensure that from there on Fedex or DHL with tracking will be used? Had horrible experiences with any other services in the country. would be willing to pay for an upgrade to a more secure/expedited shipping service.


Hi everyone!

Want to quickly remind everyone that just because it’s in the warehouse does not mean it is ready to be sent out again - they have to properly sort the boxes and make sure that every small box inside the big ones you saw goes to the correct address! :slight_smile:

As soon as we have more exact info ourselves we’ll update you guys & gals as well! :slight_smile:


But let’s also keep in mind that consignment arrangements, paperwork and tracking information can take place even earlier than the time shipments and products reach their local warehouse. Not saying that there exists information which is not shared. But at 10 days almost since the arrival at the local warehouses, and with the assumption the warehouse is local, that is, at least in europe, if not nordic region, reasonably it begs the question of what might have happened that caused you not having exact info on the matter, and us imagining about people playing tetris with matryoshka boxes in a warehouse.


where did you count that? There hasn’t been 10 days that the products have been in the warehouse (local). Maybe 10 days when they arrived to the 4PX central hub in Hong Kong.


Someone from the team said that there is a chance for shipping this week for some regions. How this can be true when today is friday and there are no tracking codes. For team it is easy to delay shipping date for next week, for HEB it is a horror. Cant wait!


I’m pretty sure that it’s a horror for them as well. They need this product to get out and some of the team members are waiting for their HEBs as well :wink:


I heard some whisperings that first tracking codes will go out today-tomorrow :wink:

Also @SyrtakiVampir is right it’s horrible for us as well to just sit here and don’t have the V in peopl’s hands now.


I heard the those whispers too!
But I was near heavy traffic and the noise made it quite difficult for me to hear exactly what was being said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I strongly think we’ll hear some tracking numbers today, and lots from Monday onwards.

Though I doubt we’ll hear any in China and Australia as it’s Friday Night already.

Here’s hoping!


All of us “HEBs” have been waiting for close to a year. You guys can wait another week. Seems so childish to cry every day now. I am sure you can make better use of your time, then stressing over shipping logistics out of HK.


You replied to the wrong person i think.


I didnt get the reference/qoute. Where is it from?:thinking:


I think you’ll find he was being facetious with a touch of sarcasm.


Excellent news.
At a certain point I suggested to cancel Christmas this year.

Now I’m reasonably confident about the fact there will be an Eve V next to the Christmas tree :slight_smile: