Frequent liner update 30.11



Thanks for the update! Kind of sad that the LB’s haven’t even started production yet. Doubt I’ll be able to get my V in time for Christmas.

Though I am travelling to HK for Christmas, and spending some time there.


@Konstantinos, So HEB 1TB start next week or no?


@Konstantinos Thanks for all the updates lately! :+1:
What I do not quite understand, is why production was paused an after all the HEB where built? I believed, all the parts are in the factory and there are sufficient intact body’s for almost all the LB to be built.
What is the reason the new 1TB SSD’s aren’t ordered yet, or are they?

Still hoping to get my 1TB HEB before the end of the year. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update @Konstantinos. Even without timelines it’s much appreciated. Can you update us based on what daily production target the delivery schedule has been set against? Even if it’s on a scaling ladder with production ramping up daily. I’m sure the factory will be sharing daily production updates with you and the team and it would be useful knowing daily progress whether the targets are hit/missed/or even accelerated!
Specifically concious about this because HEBs took 2(?) weeks to complete production and more than a week has passed since shipping without tracking numbers. With LBs quantity can we expect faster production to compensate for the shorter time to ship larger quantites?


Yes exactly. We do ship with DHL, UPS and other courier companies but 4PX is used for warehousing and sorting, DHL and FedEx doesn’t offer such solution yet.


@Konstantinos How long after leaving the local warehouse can we expect to get a tracking number?
I imagine that it’s a lot of work for you guys though as you are the ones that need to give us tracking numbers and do your own ‘sorting’ (of tracking numbers) for hundreds of orders.


I see, thank you for taking time to address my concern.
All the best for when the web shop opens :slight_smile:


Now it all makes more sense!

I didn’t realise that warehousing had to be established first.
(I also didn’t know that warehousing could not be handled by DHL and FedEx.)

The last leg by DHL and FedEx should take 24 - 48 hrs normally for the V’s to arrive at their destinations.
(Notice I said “Should” take 48 hours - not will take)

Soon we will see squeals of delight rather than screams of dismay.
Well done Team.


What about the 5% lifetime discount?


If there is no answer to this again I think it needs a different thread. Someone else asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago but I don’t think I have seen a response.

I think the answer is it has to apply to these prices because the perk offered was ‘5% lifetime discount on all the future Eve products’.

Really those entitled to the discount should have received an email about how to get the discount. Not everyone reads the forum.


Well it says “future devices” so they can say it will be for the next product which is the Donald Dock at the moment.


Again playing with semantics? Like for MRSP, timelines … Orwell really prepared good manuals (but he originally meant them as a warning).


I think they are waiting for the webshop opening and flash sales to start LB production (but maybe also new housings). That way they can produce LB’s and new orders back to back and be more efficient.


EVE is already giving $50 discount for new V buyers …


Yeah yeah blah blah. I don’t really care when it comes. It comes when they are ready for it.

But usually fire product doesn’t mean a current product.

You can play with the semantics and your books as much as you like.


Will semantics speed the V production up?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As anyone who has tried herding cats would tell you, that’s no easy task

Quote of the day :smile:. Now i get it why the reviewer puts it inside .


5% off on the i5 and i7 models is more than $50.

That said, if Eve did want to run iniffy’s argument that ‘future products’ meant products after the Eve V, I think that could be justifiable from the words used (unlike the fake MSRP)… It just means I won’t be buying a second V.

Either way, clarity would be nice.


It was just a thought indeed. But anyways I think the Team has so much more on their plates right now that the discount codes have had to be put on hold for the time being


That’s bullshit if it is. It’s part of their terms when HEB backed them. I’m just waiting for an official @Team response