Frequent liner update 30.11



Hi dudes!

As a lot of you prefer frequent updates based n the latest info. Here we go:

  • Production for limited birds starts next week
  • Delivery schedule is unchanged from previous update
  • Some regions have V’s in the local warehouse already. I think most people will have Vs in their hands next week.

27.11 Update on 1st and 2nd batch and updates
Community Digest 02.12

hi, any news from local warehouses?


Thanks! Just added :smiley:


Thanks for the update!
Since it’s already in Hong Kong, would you mind explaining the situation or plan for distributing devices in Hong Kong?


Thank you for the update.

This is quite slow… If the Vs left the Hong Kong warehouse last Wednesday as per Helios’s post, then I would have expected them to be in our hands by now. Indeed, even if the courier walked from the Hong Kong warehouse, he/she should have been able to deliver the Vs to purchasers in Hong Kong by now. I have ordered fairly expensive things (eg cameras, mobile phones) from China before (using Gearbest etc) and have received items within one week having chosen expedited shipping (I am in the EU).

I appreciate that the actions of the delivery firm are out of your hands, but choosing the delivery service was completely in your hands. I thought we were being given expedited shipping. Did this position change?


People said / assumed that “air” shipping is express shipping. It’s not express shipping. There is no express service (even USPS is faster!!!) that takes 1 week, and we are talking about logistics companies that do this for a living. I questioned the timeline as well, but I never received a clear answer from the team, only assumptions from the community.


Is there any clarity on how distribution is going to go for Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore i.e. is their “local” warehouse Hong Kong? And seconding the above comments on the speed of delivery, it is rather worrying how Asian countries don’t seem to be receiving it faster than the rest…


Actually @Helios indicated that they were using ‘express shipping’:

Indeed, @Konstantinos himself said the same thing:

I suppose Eve’s definition of ‘express shipping’ is different to ours?


Hey man, everything to Eve is defined differently.

MSRP = Microsoft Suggested Retail Price
February delivery = April/June/July/August/October/November/December Delivery

JK :slight_smile: I am half poking fun, half disappointed (again):


Many thanks for the update @Konstantinos
Can you clarify what you mean by “I think most people will have Vs in their hands next week”. Do you mean that none will arrive this week, and some may not arrive until the week of the 11th December or even later?


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos. It’s a most welcome update, nevertheless.

Looking forward to next week’s when the LB production starts.


I’m looking very forward for the production for the LB starts. Thank for the update @Konstantinos. I wonder when the LB for France will arrive ? Very good luck for this production and the shipping.


ok. a little sad that it takes another week for the delivery.
If some people dont even receive it next week, that “expedite shipping” is clearly not expedite…
Even gearbest with those tricky shipping methods takes 3 weeks…

i guess we’ll just have to wait. I understand that now it is a little out of your hands.
I was in doubt if i was going to receive my HEB today/tomorrow as i’m moving and had to rearrange this. But now, i’m not sure if it is even going to arrive next week.
There is no tracking number/warehouse information for the guys in HK. So i assume that for us in europe it will take even longer.


well, as a LB backer, I hope I get to play with it before Christmas!


Thank you Konstantinos


As promised I shared the news as I have them without committing to timelines.

In my personal opinion based on experience I think some people will get Vs this week while rest will get them next week.
We ship to all of the Asian countries from HK directly. The reason Hong Kong takes longest is because its a central warehouse for 4px and the business so sorting takes time.
At this point being a HEB I really wouldn’t worry as V is really in hands of delivery companies and it is on its way.

It is Express shipping that we use. When V’s are shipped from local warehouse we use the fastest option to ship it (1-2 days) But sorting and custom’s clearance takes time before device is at the last mile delivery.

We are using fastest and most expensive shipping options TO the local warehouse as well.


Good update, thanks :slight_smile:

Knowing that HK would be the latest, can I change my delivery address?


Please, for the Limited Birds, use somethings else other than 4PX. There are international companies like FEDEX, or more regional ones like Shun Feng. Any one of those will be better than 4PX.


Thanks for your clear response, which I appreciate. :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s fair that you don’t commit to timelines yourself; we asked for the facts.

I suppose 4px just has slow sorting processes etc. It is difficult to understand why their ‘express shipping’ allows them to take one week to sort at their warehouse, but maybe I just don’t know enough about the shipping industry. :roll_eyes:


Hello Konsta,
@Konstantinos Could you share with us which warehouses have the V now in stock/ arrived? Esp for the warehouse in uk it would be interesting for all european backers.