Freezing USB Accessories with MacBook Pro

I have two Spectrums connected to my MacBook Pro (2019, 16" model) via these thunderbolt 4 cables. I have a keyboard and mouse plugged into one Spectrum. On the other I have a webcam, USB headphones, and an Ethernet → USB adapter. I have USB Bandwidth Priority set to High Refresh Rate, which is required to get 60Hz from a MacBook over USB-C connections.

The problem:
My accessories will freeze randomly! Sometimes it’s just for a second, sometimes up to 10 seconds, and occasionally I’m completely stuck and have no choice but to reboot everything. Restarting Spectrum (power button or by unplugging power) doesn’t make a difference, and rebooting my MacBook only seems to resolve temporarily.

Only one of my Spectrums’ USB Hubs (the one with a keyboard and mouse) is used with my other computer, and I do occasionally have a similar stuttering/lagging issue with my mouse on that device, but it does seem less common.

Is there any way to diagnose this? Logs I can check on either a MacBook or Spectrum, or anything else? Are there any recommendations about what should be plugged into a single hub or anything like that?

For what it’s worth, I’m a pretty quick typist and my mouse and keyboard froze three times while writing this post. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason, the freezing is not evenly spaced out, and they’re not even frozen for the same amount of time – each time is different, and the mouse typically “recovers” faster than the keyboard.

Oh, and one other issue: when I have spectrum plugged in with this keyboard and my MacBook first boots, I can’t type my password. Only certain characters work. I have to unplug both Spectrums, then type my password on the built in MBP keyboard, then I can plug both Spectrums back in.

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Are you aware what when you set to 4k 144hz, there wont be enough bandwith left for webcam and ethernet adapter? All you will have left would be enough for USB 2.0

While I don’t get gigabit ethernet and the webcam quality isn’t as good, both are functional on USB 2.0 speeds. Is it possible that these could be causing the keyboard and mouse freezing I’m experiencing? The high-speed accessories are plugged into one Spectrum and the keyboard and mouse that are stuttering are plugged into the other.

I would try swapping those two monitors with each other. If the problem persists on different one, then they are fine, if not then probably you need to contact support