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I have the same problem on my galaxy s7.


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fishy results
supporting evidence


I have the same problem on my galaxy note 8 too, but I could pinch back to smaller ratio.


This should now be fixed. The issue seemed to be that the classes for the icons had somehow changed, so the links would still appear and take up space even if the icons didn’t show. Changing the classes targeted by the CSS should have fixed it. Please report if it’s still an issue or if it crops up again.

I’ve also updated my above post to reflect the changes to the CSS.

It seems either people don’t read, or that people ignore what they’re told. (And I managed to not make the last one public and didn’t notice until someone had already voted, so unless I dig into the DB, we won’t know who’s toying with the system)


Well, now “everything” “appears” in one line. And I say “everything” “appears” because now the support and icons are missing. I just have two new links in the hamburger menu, “Support” and “About”. Has the size of the upper icons been changed?


This is by design. The CSS is in place to remove the Home and support links when there isn’t enough space for them all on one line in the header.

This does however bring up a point I just didn’t think about until now, and that is how people are going to find them if their phones aren’t wide enough.
I’ve added a link to in the hamburger menu for when those cases arise on all themes except Experimental (for hopefully obvious reasons). There’s already a link to support, like you pointed out.
(I would have preferred to have these links in their own section, but that’s a tweak beyond me).

(Though you can still see get the icons if you flip your phone sideways, but that’s probably not a workaround most people will think about)

There was some recent work on the header by Awesomerobot that might have affected this (or it might have been something else entirely, I’m not deep enough into this to know). That is about Discourse, though, the forum software we use, so not something we have much part in or too much control over.


Great explanation! Thanks! :grin: