For those waiting for PayPal refunds


Just a quick update…

Recently, EVE only takes Google Pay from US customers.
Google is simply a security/transaction provider.
They are not like PayPal who handles merchant issues. (refunds…etc.)
Using Gpay offers no additional protection to customers dealing with order issues.

There is nothing more that can be done going through Gpay that has not already been afforded through your bank/card company or PayPal for that matter. You still have to deal with those organizations if you are seeking a refund.

Please do not respond to this thread about how Gpay is somehow better/worse than PayPal.


I’m just curious, but how can you prove any of your claims that Eve has brought in any more money or actual investors since the dec 4 flash sale? From what I’ve seen, they have not provided ANY ACTUAL details. Just supposed progress reports about whatever the hot topic of the week is.

I’m not saying that they haven’t, but until they have proof in something like dollar figures or people actually receiving products then it’s all vapor ware. By keeping everyone in the dark they tell us whatever story line they want, how are we to truth it? IMO, that’s the tactic they are going for. Security through obscurity.