For those waiting for PayPal refunds


I just filled a dispute that quickly turned to claim status yesterday. Can you please share the details of your process with PayPal? Thanks so much


I have the following situation: EVE did not answer the initial mail of the dispute within 10 days. Now, they are one day overdue but PayPal did not escalate my case. I am within the 180-days.


Same for me. Hopefully there will be some progress the next days.


You may have to wait additional 20 days until paypal decides


Paypal has a bug where cases doesn’t escalate automatically, If you contact them and ask towards your case they can manually move it on :slight_smile:


This is very often the case. They won’t let a case sit more than 31 days, based on their published policy. But, they don’t normally award the paypal account in less then 10 business days.


I got my money back. :sunny:


I am very happy for you. Nobody should have to wait indefinitely for lawful remediation on product that never gets delivered.


I’m filing an appeal with PayPal. Can you share your claim number? Thanks.


By appeal, do you mean that they denied your initial dispute? Or that you are just starting the process?

Give it 2-5 days to move from a dispute to a claim, then another 10 for a judgement. Its only if they come back to YOU with questions that you can use my case number anyhow.

If you are outside the 180day window, there is nothing anyone can do outside of EVE honoring some form of refund.


I got my refund from paypal! Eve didn’t respond so they automatically closed the claim in buyer’s favor. It did take 4 days after the 10 day wait for Eve’s reaction, but that was due to a software bug at paypal’s.


Glad you got out quickly and saw remediation.

The less people who suffer, the better.


I received exactly the same treatment from PayPal.
Eve-Tech even accidentally processed a refund and then reversed it. Saying they had made a mistake???!!! I’ve been emailing for a week, saying it’s not a mistake and that I want my $$ back but no one responds.This is 100% ponzi scheme. Good on the few who got a device - too bad to all those who go fkd. Eve-Tech, great promise but what a pathetic bunch you guys are.


I can’t comment on PayPal and any issues they may have internally. I got my refund after 31 days and others have gotten refunds in as little as 15 days (related to EVE).


While your claim may have expired if you can show the repeated delivery revisions they should honor your request as of the last broken promise.
I used amex and they are honoring my request even though it was over six months (dec 4th)


I have the added annoyance that I’ve switched credit cards since then. sigh FML…actually, no…FET! They are the ones who messed this up. F them.


This isn’t a Ponzi scheme. They wouldn’t be able to go after investors or get funds unfrozen if it was. Nobody is denying that people are getting screwed here but Eve wasn’t trying to create this situation. You can sing the praises of PayPal all you like but the reality is that they caused a lot of this by freezing funds. Does Eve have a lot to answer for; of course they do. That doesn’t make them bad though. What they set out to do isn’t easy but they are still trying to fix things rather than giving up.


Eve is working to get investors sorted out so they can get things moving again. Actions like the ones you are suggesting will actually make things worse and cause even more delays in getting refunds processed and V’s shipped. Don’t be that guy/gal. If you want/need your money back then use the channels available to do so; that’s what they’re for. This situation may be bad but it doesn’t warrant defamation and flame tactics.


I agree 100%.

As incredibly unprofessional and how poorly they have communicated their lack of progress, it doesn’t make sense to try and “spike the ball” by going outside this forum to enact some form of revenge with ranting.

But voting down their external posts is perfectly reasonable if what they are stating is not truthful or dishonest. Getting into a flame war is pointless.


are you one of the ones having lost $1739 bucks with repeated changes to the goal posts?