For those waiting for PayPal refunds


I finally got my PayPal refund in 31 days from the date it was escalated to a “claim” from a “dispute”.

Those of you waiting for refunds through your credit processing facility, work with them. They are not EVE.
Those of you waiting for units to ship from EVE, all the best… I hope it meets your expectations after this long of a wait.
Those of you waiting for customer support/resolution, all the best… I can only image the process which you are going through.
Those waiting to get a refund through EVE… time will tell which promises they keep and which ones they break going forward.

[Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

After getting to reply to my repeated requests for a shipping update with NO ANSWER I finally entered a dispute with my credit card company.

Besides issues will a lack of information of shipping I began to be concerned about support after they shipped if that ever happened.

If they go out of business as it appears they are headed in that direction who will support your computer?

[Wiki]Referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december

In truth, this was something I was seriously wondering about as well.

Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP…etc. all could go belly up tomorrow. But there are holding companies and 3rd party support options available. (not cheap, but, they are out there) the other issue was availability of spares/parts.

Now, tablets are MUCH more difficult to work on due to the compact nature of their design.

Time will tell if our concerns are unfounded or if fate has other plans for EVE.


In order to help others, if you open a case and need further help identifying similar cases (for reference), contact me privately and I can provide a reference point.

I will not share my PayPal case number publicly. But, I will make available the case specific details to those that ask. That way, anyone who is dealing with PayPal can follow through the same steps and have a common reference to expedite remediation.


I tried to file a PayPal dispute, but it was closed within a few hours without telling me anything.
A few days after messaging them to try to sort this out, I basically got a copy-paste message telling me to bugger off with vague implications that the transaction is no longer covered by PayPal buyer protection and a suggestion that I should report them to ScamWatch if I think I’ve been scammed. But all ScamWatch seems to do is keep track of scams so people can check if things are scams, and aren’t able to get my money back.


Get a police report on file. Also, if in US contact your state attorney general’s office and file a report with them. If enough reports are filed someone may look into it and might help someone else in the same situation. I wonder if anyone could find out what bank in Finland Eve-Tech uses? The principal’s of the company bear some sort of personal and legal responsibility. It doesn’t matter what type of corporate structure they set up.


I want to feel sympathetic to you, but, the policy for acting on the claim is limited to 180 days. They stated it very clearly online and others on this forum (myself included) highlighted this months ago.

Your avenue with PayPal for expedited remediation is at an end. Now you get to wait even LONGER for a refund through EVE.

Several trolls made it a point to attack several of us as causing a “run” on cancellation/refund requests.

Don’t take this as “snark”, but, did you not follow the forum or reading the emails from EVE indicating the constant delays? It was pretty clear back in April and May that there would be nothing delivered before the 180day deadline (if purchased during the flash sale on December 4th).


Raised a Dispute with PayPal. Almost immediately converted to a Claim by PayPal. Fingers crossed this gets resolved to my satisfaction in the next 30 days. Well within my 180 days, so here’s hoping.


I just filled a dispute that quickly turned to claim status yesterday. Can you please share the details of your process with PayPal? Thanks so much


I have the following situation: EVE did not answer the initial mail of the dispute within 10 days. Now, they are one day overdue but PayPal did not escalate my case. I am within the 180-days.


Same for me. Hopefully there will be some progress the next days.


You may have to wait additional 20 days until paypal decides


Paypal has a bug where cases doesn’t escalate automatically, If you contact them and ask towards your case they can manually move it on :slight_smile:


This is very often the case. They won’t let a case sit more than 31 days, based on their published policy. But, they don’t normally award the paypal account in less then 10 business days.


I got my money back. :sunny:


I am very happy for you. Nobody should have to wait indefinitely for lawful remediation on product that never gets delivered.


I’m filing an appeal with PayPal. Can you share your claim number? Thanks.


By appeal, do you mean that they denied your initial dispute? Or that you are just starting the process?

Give it 2-5 days to move from a dispute to a claim, then another 10 for a judgement. Its only if they come back to YOU with questions that you can use my case number anyhow.

If you are outside the 180day window, there is nothing anyone can do outside of EVE honoring some form of refund.


I got my refund from paypal! Eve didn’t respond so they automatically closed the claim in buyer’s favor. It did take 4 days after the 10 day wait for Eve’s reaction, but that was due to a software bug at paypal’s.


Glad you got out quickly and saw remediation.

The less people who suffer, the better.