For those waiting for PayPal refunds


I finally got my PayPal refund in 31 days from the date it was escalated to a “claim” from a “dispute”.

Those of you waiting for refunds through your credit processing facility, work with them. They are not EVE.
Those of you waiting for units to ship from EVE, all the best… I hope it meets your expectations after this long of a wait.
Those of you waiting for customer support/resolution, all the best… I can only image the process which you are going through.
Those waiting to get a refund through EVE… time will tell which promises they keep and which ones they break going forward.


After getting to reply to my repeated requests for a shipping update with NO ANSWER I finally entered a dispute with my credit card company.

Besides issues will a lack of information of shipping I began to be concerned about support after they shipped if that ever happened.

If they go out of business as it appears they are headed in that direction who will support your computer?


In truth, this was something I was seriously wondering about as well.

Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP…etc. all could go belly up tomorrow. But there are holding companies and 3rd party support options available. (not cheap, but, they are out there) the other issue was availability of spares/parts.

Now, tablets are MUCH more difficult to work on due to the compact nature of their design.

Time will tell if our concerns are unfounded or if fate has other plans for EVE.