For Muse - best ANC *microphones* available

Hey all. Brief topic.

I work as a landscaper. I run my own business - and I cut grass. The machines I use go from 80-90db and possibly higher easily.

I own these headphones as my ear protection. They just happen to double as alright Bluetooth headphones with microphones for calls. They’re also extremely popular - over 6,000 Amazon reviews.

The thing is - these mics are incredible. I was on a call with my family one time, while cutting grass, and they couldn’t tell the machine was on. I had to talk loudly, of course, but this is a lawnmower going directly beneath me! They were so stunned they recorded the call to play back to me after. You could hear me clearly, but honestly I was shocked, too - no 80db lawnmower sound, that’s for sure.

Might be worth looking into who designed the ANC mics for these babies.

3M WorkTunes (same link as above)


Tempted to buy a pair to open them up and see what makes that puppy tick.


great idea to expand the field of research beyond the traditional norms!

A useful little vid on the benefits of anc mic. Hope the muse can get close to this!

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Sorry for the german post, but maybe the subtitles work for you.
He tells that there are no blutooth headsets with propper microphones.

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