For Lego fans 76042


Just finish! :laughing:

Me + my wife spare time.

Take a whole 2 days to finish this “76042” Avengers air craft carriers.

Anyway, it’s national “kids day” in my country.🤸


Wow, looks awesome.

They dont even sell those avengers legos here :frowning:


Nice! I think my son just left a drool spot on my shirt while starting over my shoulder looking at your pics! :drooling_face:


I got from USA Lego shop in California visits.


Me and my wife snatch this last box of “Helicarrier” at first sight when we arrived at the Lego shop. It’s really that awesome. :heart_eyes:


Your wife. She’s a keeper!!! LOL


Yup! She’s a keeper. Actually she is like a Commander in my house already, she point the finger and I follow. :sweat_smile:


Great to have some LEGO nerds here. I’ve just finished this piece of Lego technic…


It’s the heli with power functions?


Yes, both manual power and electric power.

However, you need to purchase the battery and the motor module separately.:money_mouth_face:


Wow! Looks great! :drooling_face:

Can the container be lifted by the electric lifter?


No power functions available for this model…:slightly_frowning_face:


Your Lego is very impressive. You must be very proud.



Credits to my wife also! Half the time of normal build with her help! :smiley: