Flash sales VS first batches (Hardware)


Good evening, guys.

I have a question to one of the team members.

I received email today, and it confirmed as Konstantinos told before that Flash sales devices will be improved compared to first batches after all first people who tried it.

While the software can be kinda improved, hardware is a different story.

My question is, can you make a bullet points, what exact hardware issues would be improved for the actual shop (flash sales) buyers?



There aren’t really going to be hardware ‘improvements’ per se, but rather manufacturing and quality assurance improvements. These usually aren’t large jumps, and happen regularly and almost continuously - every day, every production run, people meet and discuss better ways to do things, the workers get more experience and just get better at what they’re doing.

Also, non-indigogo customers will not be getting reworked housings, but housings that were designed correctly from the start.

To my knowledge, none of the components (aside from 1TB SSDs) are planned to change currently. Driver updates and firmware updates can sometimes be considered hardware improvements, but I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about.


No, I am asking for hardware or manufacturing changes.

For example , many screens are damaged as I can see. I don’t think that any delivery company will have such many faulty delivers. I think it’s problem during manufacturing.

So that’s why I asked this question.

Another thing is speakers. Many people complain and were saying that problem might be in hardware. Did team revised hardware side of it ? Maybe they will change smth Idk.


One more question is about loose ports…etc etc


Changing some manufacturing methods? Yes, probably.

Changing parts/components? No. The team has been clear they aren’t changing any components. They may ask suppliers to change some things in the future or find different suppliers (like for the USB-C port), but I wouldn’t consider those major changers.

It has also been discovered that if a cable with a longer male USB-C end were delivered with the Vs, the port would feel just find. This may be done in the future, but currently I think the team is trying to find the best way to approach this problems still.

In short, some things may be done differently. They aren’t planning on using different components (e.g. using a different screen because the old one breaks, or using different speakers/speaker designs) though.


Those screens are stress tested after the V has been manufactured, so its not a manufacturing defect but maybe just quality issue with the screen/body of the device. And also they can break during transport. Those are pretty much out of EVEs hands (and 4PX will pay for those anyway).


Are they electrically “stress tested” or mechanically stress tested? It sounds like the V’s are packed for shipping pretty well so if they are breaking during delivery that is a concern because it makes them look non-robust. If they are being stressed by the manufacturing process (eg being glued in unevenly) then that’s something I’m sure Eve would be super keen to find/address so that it doesn’t keep happening. It’s certainly in their interest to get the reject/failure rate as low as possible even if Emdoor/4PX are paying - it still costs them for support and reputation.


Non-Indiegogo customers won’t be getting reworked housings. It’s obvious, but just wanted to stress it :slight_smile:

@Victoriys : The team is planning to write an update about the screen issue. So, probably around next Friday (?) we know more. It seems to be a much smaller issue than it appears though (in the 0. % region)


Unless I’m very (, very) much mistaken:

“reworked” housings were those which were originally ordered for the first screen but which then had to be modified (reworked) to make assembly with the new Sharp screen viable. I presume that those have already been used up so current and future builds will be getting re-designed housings.


You can check out a lot of the testing that was done here…