Flash sale m3 price change



Hello Community and it’s visitors!

As the subscribers know, we have just opened another flash sale today. We have an announcement to make as well!

In the last flash sale we made sure to notify our subscribers few times in advance about the flash sale so that they would all have a chance to grab one of the Vs; you just need to be quick. A great deal of people for example grabbed the great deal of m3! And it looks now that the m3 model is quite popular. So we want to keep offering it!

As many of you know, since the first time we mentioned that price component prices have increased for us with things like the new, better Sharp display we have on the V. Because of that the m3 model of the V now has a new price of 959 USD (International store), 959 EUR (EU store) based on your region.

More and more people joining the reVolution! Thanks for joining, and welcome to all the new people who are getting the V! The press keeps on reviewing our creation, your creation.
Business Insider had a verdict

Charged got super charged!

Curious about the price hike of the base model. What gives?
Eve V vs. Competition!
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I’m not sure what to say, this sounds a bit discouraging. You guys are pushing another sale, but have many ongoing quality issues. Including the shipment of Limited Bids. It almost seems like with every positive feedback you get a negative one.


I’m sorry, but I’d not call that many - yes there are some issues that arose due to e.g. our fulfilment partner seemingly dropping parcels in the facility, but we are working on all of them. Especially when you consider we shipped like ~500 HEB and have how many devices with proper defects? 10? 2% - and that’s including all defects including those we have no influence over. :slight_smile:

There are things that can and will happen like e.g. a device dying during transit out of china - that’s nothing we can do but what we can & are doing is supporting those that have e.g. a device that arrived DOA.


Of total sales, the number reporting issues seems small. Tis but teething problems…

I would like an update on LB’s though


I feel like many who are happy and satisfied don’t bother to post anything. Rare ones like today from Martinique are so happily dancing that they do, but most just are silent.
The unhappy, sad, upset, annoyed and foremost, disappointed ones DO post, understandably…

I hope my V will just slip through the shipping smoothly without damage :wink: (first flash sale)


Oh yea! I work for an airline and our social media channels are nothing but complaints, but customer satisfaction is actually quite high.

Peoples expectations are high, so it’s easy to fall short. When you meet them, you’ve only done what was expected…

The bias is always towards failure sadly.


I can vouch for that here. Happy V owner who isn’t very good at doing reviews/experience sharing :sweat_smile: But yes, very happy and satisfied with the quality, design and performance of the V so far :smiley: the Eve team and the community made a wonderful device that i hope will serve my daily computing needs for years to come.


There is always the good an the bad, I will focus on the good. As an early bird my anticipation was an early and problem free delivery, I did receive it today and just grateful that it is here and in my hands. I came home and saw this largish box with what appeared to be my apt #, somewhat legible, scribbled on the top. Not being able to read the label, I decided to take it and study this further in my apt. Having decided that it was in fact meant for me I opened the box and was stunned to discover that it was my “V”. Beautifully packed, I pealed away the protective layers and was left totally breathless. It is a work of art, flawlessly beautiful in every way. My anticipation, as I set it up and start the discovery experience, has been totally met and every second of anticipation and discouraging moment has been more than compensated. Anyone that is debating joining the party I encourage to take the leap as l have found my one and only and wish the same for you.


Buddy I’m with you. Write these lines on my V and am very happy with the quality and the unboxing experience. It was worth it to wait so long, even if it was terribly long. The V will hopefully accompany me for a long time. Thanks @ Team! The display is really breathtaking.

Was surprised about the high price adjustment on the M3 in the second Flashsale, had not expected so much, but it’s worth every penny.


That is absolutely normal for everything on the internet. For example.if you are looking for an internet carrier (eg Telekom or Vodafone Kabel Deutschland, 1&1) and using Google you only find bad and dissatisfied post’s and comments.

Satisfied customers share rarely they positive experience.


Honestly, I had to deal with all 3. They really take nothing and sometimes take care of the problems of their customers. Apparently we have to live with it today.



I understand that Eve needs to rebuild its margins, but doesn’t this price make the revolution thinner?
I mean the price difference for the M3 model was always quite small compared with i7 model (logic). However Right now the Microsoft Surface Pro M3 is at 849€ and immediately available.


If you’re comparing M3 models, I firmly believe that shipping times aside the V is superior since it has 8gb of ram and you know all about the ports selection and display. Even price wise remember that MS doesn’t include pen and keyboard so their final price is higher than the V.


Yes this is why I set up a survey, hopefully to get a representative view of how good/ bad people feel about all aspects of the V


As far as I know, the SP5 has the same display as the SP4, which has the same display as prototypes of the V, which is cheaper than the current Sharp IGZO display that we get.

Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the SP5 m3 is sold at loss or very thin profit margin, and they gain the profit back via the Type Cover sales or the higher-end models.


Ne I don’t think so. Eve with its small volumes, so far, can hardly get lower purchase prices than Microsoft I think.


Well i sure acknowledge the small differences, but nevertheless we also need to acknowledge that :

  • SP is market leader and reference. It was before ~150€ more expensive (+ the difference you mentionned) and is now 100€ less expensive (with same differences). It sure makes the gain much narrower for a customer.
  • all reviewers were advertising a starting price of 799€ which within few weeks (and 2 batches) raised to 959€. Customers which may have been attracted by reviews can sure wonder about the situation, especially with regards to above item.

And business insider says :


Bummer. I didn’t see that price increase coming, otherwise I may have jumped in to get an m3. I though the announced prices were the final ones, and you were already compensating the low margin of the m3 with the higher-end devices. I guess either you didn’t expect such a success of the m3 and the compensation was not enough at all, or you were just keeping the price you announced before the screen change and were planning to do this anyway after the first flash sale. Bad news anyway for those who didn’t get the (now we know) “special offer”.