Flash Sale is over! 🔥



Hey there!

We are happy to announce that the flash sale is now over! Congratulations to all of the people who managed to place an order for their Vs!

Much of the press noted! Make sure to check out the wired article. Press is excited about community too!

Really upset at what Eve has done
Community Digest 11.12

Hey Konsta, do you have something more to share? Was it a success? 75k users were registered before. How many Vs were sold ? What did you expect before? We would like to celebrate with the team the first flash sale. :slight_smile:


I’m so happy that that Eve is getting the popularity it deserves :grinning:


I was very happy to be able to get a new V i7 512gb! Fortunately, I don’t sleep well at night so I was up and ready when the sale started here at 07:00. Being disabled I can’t afford a new computer very often and won’t buy cheap junk, so the V is a great all around deal for me (I’ve had my current i7 HP 17" laptop for 8 years now). The V will run any PC program I want and is extremely portable so taking it to Russia next year and Japan 2-3 years after that is no problem. Sure, there is a wait issue because it’s a new company and product, but that’s quite alright by me. Thanks again to everyone at Eve-Tech, I anxiously await my V. Thanks to the Eve Community for the help I received when researching this product. I am having thyroid and throat surgery on 22nd January with a couple week nasty recovery they tell me…maybe mine will come by then so I can play while going thru the pain of recovery. :grin:


I would like to know, too, how many of each configuration you have sold. Please tell :blush:

And, for next time is it possible for you (maybe not, this is a honest question) to create a poll ~ a month or so before flash sale, where all prospective buyers answer which model they would choose. … - not entirely accurate but maybe it’d give you a hint?
[ps on a side note, I am at the west coast of the USA and flash sale was from 6a.m, I woke up at 6(without alarm clock, normal time for me) and went about my business, at after 7 I sat down with the attitude: “maybe, maybe not. We’ll see” and could order what I wanted…]


I just posted to someone upset the m3 sold out fast. Maybe this help next Time?
If the Company can release this info. I’m not a marketing person so I don’t know if putting out sold units and by configuration is wise or not, you have to assume it then becomes knowledge to your competitors as well.