🇨🇳 Saga part 2


Hello Eve family!

How are you? As promised we are coming back with some updates to you :wink:

This trip to China is a beast! I’ve been to the land of electronics many times but this is the busiest trip in my life.

In the previous post you saw us travelling from Helsinki to Shenzhen. Well now its time to tell you our adventures in China so far.

Before going further I think it is necessary to outline what were the main goals for this trip

  1. Kicking of Pyramid flipper development
  2. Going very deep into the supply chain and meeting suppliers of our suppliers to make sure that we have the highest quality components and also they are available to our volumes.
  3. Meet all of the awesome Eve team members who are located in China

Well, lets start!

Long before coming to China there were a lot of suppliers who wanted to do this project with us. They were very excited about the idea of community driven product development and its potential. Once spec and design started to shape up we selected top 10 and after more Skype and teleconference discussions we have came down to top 3 options. Well all of them are top notch Chinese manufacturers who worked with giants like Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, TCL, Meizu, etc.

So our first priority was to meet them all and decide who will join forces with us to deliver a flagship killer device! We have very high standards, we ask for craftsmanship level of Apple, eye melting screen quality, efficient thermal design and much more:)

We also needed to meet some suppliers of their suppliers in the first week. Companies that develop and manufacture fingerprint sensors, touch panels, displays, CPU, etc.

As our focus was to select a manufacturing partner for the ▼ our first week went to meeting our top 3 potential partners. To be frank choosing among top players is real hard as they all have a lot of experience and knowledge on how to develop and manufacture high complexity projects. They supply millions of devices a year :slight_smile: So making choice among them is extremely hard.

How the hell are we going to choose the one?

When you are down to top 3 top tier potential partners what matters the most is their team, passion, commitment and communication skills. To put it short, there needs to be chemistry between 2 parties:)

Some of the community members had a question of how we choose suppliers. In the final selection rounds it’s all about chemistry but before that all of the suppliers went through quite vigorous audit by Me, Mike, Intel and some of our partners :slight_smile:

I will try to generalize the process of selection and focus only what matters the most when choosing a manufacturing partner. I’ll put things such as financial and factory audits aside for the sake of simplicity.

  1. You want to make sure that they have done challenging projects like ▼ before. Especially paying attention to their mechanical and electrical engineering skills.

  2. Supplier must have good access to the top tier component vendors as a lot of manufacturers despite their enthusiasm towards the project simply don’t have access to the high end components we need (yeah eve.community wants only the best :D)

!!! This is real interesting actually as many people here in the community think that we can get any tech we would like. I wish it was like that:) Most of the time top tier tech is either proprietary or owned by Apple, Microsoft and other giants. Big brands keep it to their selves to gain strategic advantage over their competitors. How do you normally get top tier tech? Well typically if you can afford to buy 500 000 devices a year you can get it. Otherwise you have to get innovative! Luckily me and Mike are very good at that.

▼ will feature some of the best components out there as me and Mike had to get real creative to get stuff people wanted. So what we did was pitching, networking, pitching, networking, pitching, networking, pitching, networking, pitching, networking, pitching, networking and we were able to persuade top tier players to work with us.

The good news is that it means that ▼ is very hard to copy by B brands as it would simply require them to pitch their project to so many top tier suppliers and have unsustainable profit by selling through retail.
Due to the nature of the product development in our company (with community) we change the spec a lot and quite often but that is something that Chineese vendors don’t like that much as they are used to Waterfall Project Flow.

  1. Company strategy and vision should be aligned with yours to make sure that project will be really delivered and have top notch quality.

  2. Your manufacturing partner needs to have excellent communication skills as real communications with the team in English is a common challenge.

Enough text! Let’s see some pictures! I’ll keep it fairly simple, picture and a short description as I have to run to the next meeting with the 3rd biggest keyboard manufacturer in the world. (1.5 million keyboards per day :slight_smile: )

And on this bombshell, it’s time to End! Stay tuned for whole lot more!


:grinning: Wishing you guys all the best in picking the partner for PF development!
And by the way, quite a few ingenious ideas have popped up in the forums today. Check out the feasibility of the ideas the community has given.
Seems like you guys are having a lot of fun! :slight_smile:


Seems like it’s warm there! And we’re suffering 10℃ here in Northern Europe ;D Have fun guys :smiley:


But 10 degrees Celcius is the best temperature there is! So warm that (almost) no one looks weirdly at you while wearing shorts and sandals, but also cool enough that you can actually do stuff.
(I’ve lived in Spain for 5 years, but now I am back in heavenly cold Norway)


Meanwhile, I’m thinking how lucky you guys are . It’s 35 degrees Celsius here in AbuDhabi, and it sometimes even reaches 50!


Well, I envy those who have constant 30℃ ;D yeah, 50 is too much for everyone, but I’d rather have that than -30℃.
And about those sandals… At least in Lithuania, if you went through the street clothed like that at 10 degrees, you would hardly find a person who wouldn’t look at you weird. Well, unless they’re blind. I guess you’re used to the cold… Here in Lithuania we have all kinds of weather and humidity ranging from -25 to +35, or -30/+40 in extreme cases, and 15% to 95%… I mean we’re literally adjusting all the time here ;D I personally think that 25℃ is the perfect weather when it’s sunny :smiley: while some of my friends prefer a cloudy -15℃ :smiley:


Quite similiar to the weather we have in austria :smiley:

Except the range isn’t usually that high - worst cases are -20° I’ve seen here, but in the sommer going up to 40° is unfortunatly not so uncommon anymore :frowning:

@Konstantinos Really cool blog post and checking out all the pictures I believe that the PF is going to be amazing. :slight_smile:
Really looking forward to that keyboard-manufacturer blog and the poll regarding the keyboard that is sure to come :wink: I hope for great typing since I want the awesome typing feeling I got on my NB to continue on my PF hopefully :smiley:


It seems you’re having a great time there! I hope you can suceed in making this the best device ever. :wink:

Now, I just want to clarify something. You’re choosing a manufacturing partner that has itself made many connections in the industry with leading suppliers of different components so you just have to go to your partner and ask for parts that they will fetch for you?

Looking forward to hearing more about your findings and updates :smiley:


Here in Portugal we have from 0℃ to 40℃ so it can be really hot in the summer (sometimes it can get to 50℃) and quite cold (at least for me :wink:) in the winter to about 0℃ however temperatures can get to -5℃ but it rarely does.

I guess that’s why we see so many tourists here in Portugal :smiley:


Hehe, maybe :smiley: Here we have 4 months of winter below 0. You know, I have some French friends who only see snow once a year (or never, like this year), so we kind of envy each other xD I guess it’s the unusual that attracts people :slight_smile:


Wow 50 is hot. Here in the Okanagan region of Canada we get temperatures ranging from -40 all the way to +50!!


Its a combination of both. Some components they can access easier, sometimes we need to give them a little push - hold their hands in a way - to get to above the normal chinese tech ecosystem level, and beyond. There are no single truths regarding this as tech products range from having hundreds to thousands of components inside.


I came here thinking you would be first hearing our discussions and then you would go to fetch by yourselves each and every component :sob: but now I realize its not feasible and that you have partners that do the most work which makes sense Eve being a small company :wink: @Mike


Good luck, I’ve been in china a couple of times, plowing through some 16 cities, have to tell you that the air is always foul as hell because of pollution. But you guys in business-class are better off than we in clubs, bars and 12hour trainrides in between. :smiley: The chinese are also ruthless businessmen, their inthusiasm will end at the second they’ve got the money, unless bigger deals are to come. Be sure, very sure, that everything is in writing. I know some people that were saved big money only because they could show what was written in emails. Enjoy your stay!


I am so happy seeing such positive developments. Way to go eve!!!


cheers @tiktoktoyatoya!