[Fixed] Bluetooth Seems to have Completely Died



Got my V on the 4th, haven’t had very much time to play with it too much yet but… my Bluetooth functionality seems to have died completely on the device? It was working for the first day, only problem I noticed was my Bluetooth mouse cursor would jump across the screen quite a bit but the keyboard worked fine in Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth toggle is missing from the notifications panel, my Bluetooth devices listed in settings say Bluetooth is off, windows troubleshooter says my device does not have Bluetooth, and device manager is not even listing Bluetooth. :sob:

update: I sent an email to support@eve-tech.com about it as well.


Did Bluetooth disappear after a Windows update?

Windows support isn’t known for its easy to understand instructions, but maybe you can find something in the following:


Sounds like the Bluetooth driver is corrupt or missing for some strange reason…

The WLAN / Bluetooth adapter is Intel Dual band Wireless-AC8265

And driver can be downloaded from here:


The most recent updates were from the prior day and Bluetooth worked after said update until the point where it just stopped. following one of the methods from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14169/windows-10-fix-bluetooth-problems-faq seemed to fix it though! :slight_smile:
in short - in device manager under view, show hidden devices. That made my Bluetooth devices visible. I updated the drivers from device manager, then uninstalled them all. restarted my V and Bluetooth is working.

Thanks Mirv!


No worries @sumdumshady :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , glad that I could be of assistance.